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Dreams – I Don’t Want to Dream Big, I Might Fail

A couple years ago, I brought a bunch of kids into my office to record them saying things that their parents may think or even say. It was an amazingly funny experience. When a kid vocalizes what adults say, it often just sounds wrong. If it sounds wrong when a kid says it, it probably is just that, wrong ...

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Epic Rule # 4 – Glory Hounds Rarely Get Rich

Glory Hound – glawr-ee hound – A take-charge kind of guy that exaggerates his own deeds to make them seem exceptional while deeming the works of others in order to self-aggrandize his seemingly small tasks into the unreasonable realm of heroics. Nobody likes a glory hound. If you are in the business of politics or show business, perhaps you will not be able to avoid the trap of glory. ...

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Lessons in Japan

In this episode, Jeff Boyle re-learns a valuable lesson. You must experience life no matter where you go, because it’s out there if you just leave the laptop behind for a couple hours. During a recent business trip to Japan, he takes time to experience the local fish market at 3 a.m., sleep in a Zen garden and get rocked by robots and fire-breathing dragons at the popular Robot Restaurant in downtown Tokyo. ...

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Do You Really Listen?

Listening can be hard, especially when you think you have a lot to say… or if you think the person you are talking to is nuts. However, the person listening, is really the person in control of the conversation. Listeners make the best sales people, best husbands or wives, parents, mentors and business people. ...

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Is Life Passing You By?

My family arrived in Las Vegas this week to start another wonderful chapter of our lives. My beautiful bride and my precious daughter have supported their crazy husband and father through this enormous change to their lives, but I have also watched them both burst into tears with regularity at the thought of leaving our life in Idaho. This has been hard for me because whatever part of my heart that Angela d ...

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60 Dollars and Some Role Playing

If you come to my house to sell me something, you better be prepared. This week some poor 19-year old kid made the mistake of knocking on my door to sell me a subscription to a magazine so he could win a trip to some exotic location like Fresno. Forty-five minutes later, he left with $60 from my pocket and 20 years worth of sales lessons. ...

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You Have to Give to Get

How many people do you know that purchase system after system hoping to change their life quickly? Most people try the system for a short time and then become discouraged because they are not seeing instant results. Most people fail because they refuse to take positive action on a regular basis, not because of a faulty product or system. For Sanki we created an action engine called ...

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Sweat the Small Stuff

There is nothing that you can buy that is as good as the feeling of seeing a lot of money in your checking account. On your way to success remember that the big things matter, but the little things are what make you rich. Stop spending. Even when they have a lot of money coming in, many entrepreneurs are notoriously living month to month ...

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