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Deliver on Promises

I get a lot from mentors. Some mentors I am fortunate to speak with, some mentors give me their information via books and others have some great blogs. No matter where the source of the mentorship, I frequently seek out their wisdom. I have had the great opportunity in the last month to be with some very successful people preparing for our new show Networking Star and also just in the course of business. ...

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Life at 120 MPH

In 209 days I will be 40. I could not feel more alive, fit and well…awesome. Oh, I have my share of obstacles to overcome, but life is good. This week our company orchestrated some amazing adventures. ...

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Right or Rich?

I had a mentor that would always say, “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be rich?” What is the cost of acting like you are right all the time? Nobody is always right and the inability to admit your fallibility is extraordinary detrimental to your business goals and relationships. Typically, the bull-headed insistance upon always being right will cost you a relationship.  The loss of a r ...

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Still The Land of Opportunity – America

America continues to be the land of opportunity. In a time when many American companies look to emerging markets for expansion, some foreign companies are aggressively investing in the United States to increase sales. Although the United States has labored through a down economy, it continues to be the largest consuming country in the world and a market many foreign companies crave to enter. ...

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The Business of Change: Seacret Direct

We see a lot of products and opportunities. was established because there are so many opportunities out there and we need the public’s help to sort them all out. We also established the site because we love hearing about entrepreneurs, motivation, inspiration and the ambition it takes to get through the day-to-day difficulties confronting success. Unfortunately, we also see a legion ...

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Golden Flecks

Sales and commission based professionals can make more money than doctors, lawyers, bankers and almost every other profession in the world. The man and woman who is willing to eat what they sow and not demand the security of salary has almost limitless income earning potential. Direct Sales (MLM) is one of the best paid professions and worst paid professions in the world. The difference between a high incom ...

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Network Marketing Today

I made a decision last week to fall in love with network marketing (ie MLM or direct sales) all over again. I must admit that it drives me nuts to see the shenanigans that happen within MLM. However, what profitable business model in the world doesn’t have some real creeps? ...

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The Horrible Decision Maker

Some of the best business advice can come from the most absurd places. I must admit that watching the real news is depressing. Oil spills, nuclear disasters and Moammar Gadhafi do not make for an uplifting evening. ...

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