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Lessons in Japan

In this episode, Jeff Boyle re-learns a valuable lesson. You must experience life no matter where you go, because it’s out there if you just leave the laptop behind for a couple hours. During a recent business trip to Japan, he takes time to experience the local fish market at 3 a.m., sleep in a Zen garden and get rocked by robots and fire-breathing dragons at the popular Robot Restaurant in downtown Tokyo. ...

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There Are Only Two Types of People

“There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don’t.” Bob, Wiley from What About Bob To say that there are only two types of people in the world is as ridiculous as Bob’s statement, but for sake of simplicity let’s go with what Bob said and assume in life there are only two types of people. Instead of limiting it those who like Neil Diamond, let’s say that there ar ...

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Innovation, Prosperity & The Sublime Experience of Service

Much has been written about success. My book shelf is full authors professing to have the answers to achieving everything from fame to fortune. However, similar to defining wealth, I believe that the definition of success is personal and can change over time. For sake of simplicity, I personally define success as being in a state of peace ...

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Thinking Big Can Ruin You

Dreaming big is romantic and glorious. Thinking big has made the poor rich and the rich richer. The magic of thinking big has started industries and created untold fortunes. It has also bankrupted the unprepared and ruined millions of gullible would-be entrepreneurs ...

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They Devil They Know

The elections are over. Thank goodness. Not all of my votes were on the winning side and contrary to what some of my fellow conservatives think, the sky is not falling. Something we did learn from the elections and should be applied to business is that even in a bad economy, there is security in the devil you know ...

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Zen and the Art of Jeff Boyle

In a typical day, a Creative Marketer will experience a myriad of emotions. Enthusiasm, discouragement, motivation, disappointment, fervor, ambivalence, satisfaction... you see where I'm going with this, right? All of the talented individuals I have met in this industry have been deeply passionate people. Loving what you do and being in-touch with your emotions makes you an effective creative marketing desi ...

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Networking Star – Featuring ARIIX’s Riley Timmer

Riley Timmer is the successful COO of ARIIX, a new network marketing company. ARIIX is already selling millions of dollars of product across the world every month and Riley has achieved levels of success most people only dream of. However, Riley sometimes puts work ahead of his health and with a history of heart disease in his family, he better make some changes soon. Watch as we put Riley Timmer and ARIIX ...

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Business is Personal

For a long time (well, most of my life), I have lived under the impression that look here, hey, “it’s just business, it’s not personal”. Somewhere I found myself under the impression that business is just business AND personal time, yeah, that is completely separate.  Well friends, whether it’s the fact that I am ever closer to turning the big three-ohh, combined with the patient mentorship of an incredibly ...

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