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Warrior Path Week 2 – Overcoming Fear

So when is the last time you feared a tiger attack? Probably never, and that can be a problem. Technology and modern comforts have dulled our senses and forced most of us to walk around numb and unafraid of any dangers though they still exist. We ignore even those who would do us harm, because we have our heads down tapping away at witty social media posts assuming someone else will ensure our safety.  Stif ...

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Working with the Law

I just returned from a remarkable trip to Cancun, Mexico. While there, I found myself sitting in a beautiful cabana overlooking a sparkling pool and the ocean with the most remarkable light blue water imaginable. Because we arrived on a red-eye, my wife quickly fell asleep to the sound of waves while I pulled out some classic books on my phone to pass the time and just relax. As I sat there reading excerpts ...

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Epic Rule #4 – Marry the Right Person

This entry is part 5 of 5 in the series I am Epic . Epic – ep-ik – heroic; majestic; impressively great; spectacular; very impressive; awesome. I am epic, and so are you. Whatever can be said in praise of entrepreneurial induced rags-to-riches stories, they are better experienced with a loving partner to help you escape your pits of financial despair and not lose all faith in the process. ...

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Income System Training – January 9, 2016

To be successful in network marketing you need to make a decision to follow a proven formula. Far too often new reps do not receive the proper training and begin to make their own tools and fail. In this webinar, Jeffery Boyle explains the importance of using proven tools such as the ARIIX Income System and Mobile App along with the new ARIIX presentation. Click here to view the embedded video ...

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