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Next MLM Start Up Conference Oct 22-23, 2015

Next MLM Start Up Conference Oct 22-23, 2015 Hosted by Babener & Associates I have had the pleasure of interacting and working with Jeff Babener for more than a few years. Mr. Babener is the principal attorney in the law firm of Babener & Associates, which advises Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) companies on a wide range of legal matters. He and his law firm serve as an important and informed resource o ...

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Uncovering Your Greatness with Troy McClain

As a boy from Idaho, I remember watching fellow Idaho boy Troy McClain on the first season of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice. Troy was brash and confident, but also very likeable. I have enjoyed working with Troy on various projects and he has always impressed with his ability to energize a room.  In this Networking Star blogcast, I interview Troy McClain, now the CEO of AXS Consulting and President of Globa ...

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Dreams – I Don’t Want to Dream Big, I Might Fail

A couple years ago, I brought a bunch of kids into my office to record them saying things that their parents may think or even say. It was an amazingly funny experience. When a kid vocalizes what adults say, it often just sounds wrong. If it sounds wrong when a kid says it, it probably is just that, wrong ...

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Susan Sly and the Steps to a Balanced Life

Everyone goes through life events that rock their world, whether it’s a job layoff, illness, bankruptcy, divorce, massive debt, etc. In this blogcast, I interview Susan Sly , a Balanced Living Strategist, and discusses the steps we can take to overcoming these life events. Susan Sly is successful entrepreneur, author, speaker and personal empowerment trainer and she’s generated over $60 million in network m ...

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Epic Rule # 4 – Glory Hounds Rarely Get Rich

Glory Hound – glawr-ee hound – A take-charge kind of guy that exaggerates his own deeds to make them seem exceptional while deeming the works of others in order to self-aggrandize his seemingly small tasks into the unreasonable realm of heroics. Nobody likes a glory hound. If you are in the business of politics or show business, perhaps you will not be able to avoid the trap of glory. ...

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How to BE, Do and Have More

There are some people that just make you want to get better. Just being around them makes you feel more motivated. Presley Swagerty is one of those few, rare people. Presley joined me on Networking Star and I often felt like I was listening to the late, great Zig Ziglar ...

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