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I am Epic

This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series I am Epic . Epic – ep-ik – heroic; majestic; impressively great; spectacular; very impressive; awesome. I am epic. When I was five, seven year-old Guy Rainey stole my green boots ...

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Epic Failure

According to Bloomberg, four out of five business fail? Bloomberg also says that four out of five entrepreneurs who start their businesses today will fail within the first 18 months. That is an EPIC failure rate of 80%. If four out of five businesses fail, what makes the one out of five succeed? ...

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Enjoy Each Step

My baby turned two yesterday. As the fifth of five, he gets more than his fair share of love from his four adoring siblings and parents. As we celebrated his big day with inexpensive gifts and a small chocolate cake, I watched his face explode with happiness with each simple gift. ...

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On September 11, 2001, I was mad as I watched buildings fall and catch fire. I felt helpless. As a new father, I wanted to make the world better for my son. I saw injustice and wanted to help fix it. ...

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Can you handle it?

Making the decision to be an entrepreneur is never easy. Through hard work, luck and a patient wife, I have been blessed with great partners, profitable businesses and the means to feed five children who never seem to go very long without ripping their pants or losing their shoes. The life of an entrepreneur is also fraught with challenges, long days, cheap hotels, endless flights and discouragement. ...

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Bliss Isn’t Normal

Last night the temperature was a spectacular 72 degrees with no wind and clear skies. My kids mobbed me when I got home excited to see me after being gone for a week and begged to go for a walk as a family. Our evening walk was filled with children laughing and zooming to and fro on their scooters coupled with frequent views of cotton tail bunny rabbits and their new born babies hopping back and forth on th ...

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Everyday Happiness

As I relish a rare Saturday off on a beautiful spring day, a cool breeze of happy gratitude seems to have blown in my face. Turning 40 just over two years ago marked a magnificent turning point in my bank account as my large debts started to disappear and be replaced with growing assets. However, my true happiness does not seem to have been impacted by collecting interest instead of paying it. ...

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Never Stay Broken

I teach Sunday School to 12 year olds, they think 42 is ancient. I am 42 years old and I do NOT feel ancient. I remember very clearly what it was like to be 12 years old. The world was mine and I truly felt empowered by loving parents who stoked my entrepreneurial dreams and did their best to protect me from harm ...

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El dinero no creará el éxito, la libertad lo hará.

“ El dinero no creará el éxito, la libertad lo hará. ” – Nelson Mandela Nelson Mandela permaneció 27 años en la cárcel por sus actividades  de anti apartheid.  Por muchos de esos años, Mandela fue acosado por sus carceleros y dormía en una celda húmeda con una alfombra de paja.  Además, aún desde el cárcel se le da crédito por inspirar a millones por todo el mundo y cuando se le puso en libertad, él cambio ...

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