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American Dream

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As business owners, executives, and employees, we have different motivations for what we do. The problem seems to be a general loss of purpose in most businesses today. What happened to our passion? To the American Dream? Did it ever really exist?

With a resounding “yes,” the American Dream not only existed, it is still alive today. The real problem is we have settled into meritocracy brought on by a sense of entitlement. We walk around believing that as Americans we deserve the American Dream; that by our mere existence our lives should represent all of our dreams and wishes. We act as if all we have to do is wait for our turn on the American gravy train. Sadly, it is this mentality – more than the economy, more than politics, and more than world events – that is diminishing the real American Dream.

Work ethic, innovation, determination, strong values, these are the things that create the real American Dream. It is not a birth right, but a privilege, a privilege that each one of us has been born into as humans. We have within us the ability to accomplish great things. That is the difference. We expect great things to happen to us, but fail to realize, we first must step out and step up. You will not wake up tomorrow and have your dreams handed to you. However, you have the opportunity to wake up tomorrow, roll up your sleeves, and start building your dreams, brick by brick, one small accomplishment at a time.  The real American Dream is our ability to work hard and create whatever we set our minds to. Let’s all go out and start building.

July 6, 2011 by Executive Editor, Mark Zarr.  All rights reserved 2011

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