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Seize the Day

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Over the last few weeks, with graduations shooting students out into the real word, “Carpe Diem” has perhaps been a phrase you have heard way over used. However, it is a good phrase. Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) is something that as business professionals we all need to get better at.

At graduation ceremonies students are encouraged to look to their future and seize the day along the way. It seems that as we get older and more focused on our life’s plans we forget the Carpe Diem part. We get so busy planning and conspiring for our future that we forget to take advantage of the moment. This is not just an inspirational, feel good idea. Carpe Diem has very practical implications.  How often do we loose on opportunity in front of us because we are planning for future opportunities.

Planning is important, but sometimes we get so stuck in planning mode that we never really get anywhere. All we do is plan and then plan some more. At some point a plan has to be implemented. A plan should be used to help propel us forward, but more times than not they keep us stuck. This is not the plans fault. It is the way that we think of planning that causes these issues. When we are in planning mode all we can see and think of is what’s behind the horizon. For those of us who always live in planning mode this means that daily tasks, duties and opportunities are missed.

The solution is found in the same speech that every student is sent off with. Plan for the future, but seize the day along the way. We must learn that there is no time like the present to seek out new opportunities, to enjoy the life and the day that we are in, and to make a difference in our business and in those lives that surround us. Plan to prepare, but don’t wait to start your life until you get to step Z.

June 7, 2011 by Staff Writer Mark Zarr.  All rights reserved 2011

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