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Slow Down: How to gain productivity by respecting others

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Life is busy, I get it. But do your clients? Let us dispel a myth right now. Being busy does not make you look more important than you really are. How many of us make a show of being busy in front of our clients, vendors and employees? We take a call in the middle of a conversation, just to tell the person on the other end that we are too busy to talk right now. We leave hurried instructions on a voice mail. We don’t take the time to spellcheck our e-mails. Is your rushing really effective? Sure you got a lot done, but what are the results of your work?

For those of us who love to rush, the point is to realize that every day we are engaging in relationships. So, slow down, look people in the eyes, and engage in the moment. Don’t move, until the moment is over and then focus your attention on the next task or person in front of you. Show respect to others by being willing to devote your full attention to them for the few moments that it requires.

If you want to truly be effective you must be engaged in the moment that you are in. Show those around you that you respect their time by turning off your phone until after your conversation. Let those that call leave a message and then get back to them only when you have time to dedicate to their call.  People will respect you more for fully engaging with them.  When you are talking with staff and vendors, take the time to communicate with them, slow down and don’t think that a manager can leave valid instructions at 100 miles per hour.

You will find that by slowing down your life you will become less stressed, you will be more productive, your relationships will blossom, and ultimately you will gain long term success and respect from others.



July 13, 2011 by Executive Editor, Mark Zarr.  All rights reserved 2011

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