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We Landed a Man on the Moon

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Last night, I had an epiphany. There was a commercial highlighting all the past success of America. “We landed a man on the moon”, the commercial proclaimed. Amazing yes, but guess what? That happened back in 1969.  That was 42 years ago.

I am not trying to degrade the amazing accomplishment that was. My point is that we need a new “moon landing”. We see tiny little innovations every day, but what about the really amazing innovations. Life changing inventions, like the printing press, electricity, the automobile, manned flight, and yes the moon landing. The truth is that we need people to step up and innovate now more then ever. It is not the time to simply remember past successes, unless it motivates us towards future progress.

I see the same thing in business all the time. People experience one really great success and then they sit back, kick their feet up on the coffee table and bask in the glory. Then what? What happens six months from the success, a year, two years down the road? Business cannot survive off of just one victory, not for very long anyway.  Yet the prevailing thought seems to be that once you win a battle the war is over.

A little celebrating is great, but the best time to create success is off the back of another victory. Good business is all about one success after another. Momentum is the key. That means that once you break through a wall, close a large sale, or land a man on the moon; that is when you are best primed for another even greater victory.

Anyone, given enough time will eventually hit a bull’s eye, but the truly successful businesses are the ones that practice consistency.  They learn from their success and use the new knowledge to jump to the next level. You don’t hear really successful people talk about their past successes. You hear them talk about their future plans.

Let’s stop defining our greatness by our past. Instead let’s start challenging ourselves to create a better future.

June 27, 2011 by Executive Editor, Mark Zarr.  All rights reserved 2011


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