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Your Sales are Calling

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No Salesperson likes cold calls. The idea of having to spend hours dialing numbers, leaving messages, and talking to strangers, makes most people cringe. That is one of the reasons that the lead generation and marketing industries our booming. Anyone in sales dreams of the idea that willing and ready customers are just going to call and ask where to sign up and who to sign the check out to.

The problem is that the idea of a willing and ready customer calling you is the exception rather than the rule. Everyone sees the success of Amazon, Google and Facebook and thinks that sales should be as simple as pushing the “like” button. The reality is that these mega successful organizations are far and few between. For the majority of businesses, face to face meetings and relationship building is still the only way to turn a profit.

The point is; if your business plan is to wait for customer to call, you better pick up a good book, because you will be waiting for a very long time.  Companies spend millions in marketing every year hoping to make the phone ring. But, really the most effective way to get sales is to go and find them. Twiddling your thumbs may seem like a fine hobby, but like any hobby it is not going to pay the bills. That brings us back to the whole cold calling scenario once again.   If people are not going to call us then as sales professionals we are going to have to call them.

Don’t sweat this realization, because it is really not that bad. Once you realize that your sales efforts pay the bills, cold calls can become very rewarding. The really good news is that cold calling does not even have to be all about calls. If you are just starting out you will need to make cold calls but the more time you spend building relationships the fewer amount of cold calls you will have to make. The idea is to start replacing cold calling with referrals and networking leads, and repeat business.

It is time that we change our mind set to realize that in order to be successful we can’t wait for the sales to call us.

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