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How to BE, Do and Have More – Featuring Presley Swagerty

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In this blogcast, Networking Star’s Jeff Boyle interviews Presley Swagerty, who rose from humble beginnings to become a self-made multi-millionaire. Mr. Swagerty describes the day that changed his life when he went digging for change under the seat of his truck and in his truck’s ashtray. That day he realized that he was sick and tired of being broke and wanted more out of life. Mr. Swagerty also details his three keys to success: 1) Rediscover your dreams, 2) Grow as an individual to attract success and 3) work HARD! You’ll want to watch this blogcast to see what he says about each of these.

Bio: Having established himself as not only the #1 money earner in his chosen network marketing opportunity, but as a perennial seven figure earner in the industry as a whole, Presley Swagerty, “The Coach,” can often be heard reminding huge audiences that “we can’t make a new beginning, but we can all make a new ending.” A sought after author, speaker and mentor, The Coach, has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who want to transcend average and ordinary. Countless everyday folks just like you have summoned the resolve, made a decision, and have taken the action steps outlined by The Coach to find great success in the world of network marketing.

If you have big dreams, the will to win, and a sincere desire to help others along your journey, then this book is just for you. The Coach hopes you will be the next Millionaire by halftime.
Mr. Swagerty has written two books, “Millionaire by Halftime” and “Be, Do and Have More.” Both are available for purchase off of his website,

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