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Networking Star – ARIIX Distributors: Werner Berger and Heshie Segal

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Networking Star is proud to introduce Werner Berger and his wife Heshie Segal; two very inspiring people with a fantastic story. Watch what moves them, and why they are building ARIIX.

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  • Mary Pougnet

    Heshie and Werner are two of my favorite people! I’m thrilled both to see their successes and to be a small part of it. We’ve been together for many years, travelled the world together and built businesses together. Once again, we’re together with Ariix. Ariix is truly the vehicle … the company, the products and business opportunity to continue and build our businesses with; to provide the financial foundation for stability and growth to attain our dreams. Ariix’s belief in ‘Panoptic Health’ is a well rounded and synergistic approach to health and wellbeing, using cutting edge technology, knowledge, raw products and materials from around the world to provide you with gluten, soy, dairy and GMO free health products as well as integrating Eastern and Western modalities for health and wellness. Heshie mentioned ‘integrity’ in the video; this is the very word I visualized in my meditation this morning about Ariix. When one lives their life in integrity, coming from a place of heart, sharing their love and caring about others above all, this is success. Ariix is about Integrity above all. Ariix brings cutting edge and innovative health supplements and products together with superior business opportunities to create one’s wealth all together in a beautiful package. I’m thrilled to be a part of this rising star called Ariix! I invite you to check us out at today and become a part of our wonderful family!

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