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Networking Star features good opportunities and exposes the bad ones. In this episode, Jeffery Boyle meets with BK Boreyko, the CEO and founder of Vemma. Vemma has a worldwide organization and continues to grow at an impressive pace. The products feature mangosteen and offer healthy energy solutions.

Jeffery spends time with BK at their headquarters in Scottsdale where we see the power of the Vemma and Verve brands as well as a new product launching in 2012.

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  • CarolinaCat

    I tried the Verve product two or three times and didn’t notice any effect at all! It’s cool that they got on the show but it’d be cooler if the giveaway was a better product.

  • HealthyLife ask me how

    Hey Carolina. The ‘effect’ can have a lot to do w/ what is already in your system. If you drink coffee, soda, or other highly caffeinated drinks, you might not notice the energy. The best part about Verve! is that it is natural energy with out all the carbs and it is chocked full of vitamins, which you won’t find in your sodas or coffees. I’d recommend replacing two of your regular drinks a day for just one Verve and some water. You’ll be amazed at how great your body will feel. And, believe me, it’ll appreciate you more for it.

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