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Business is Personal

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For a long time (well, most of my life), I have lived under the impression that look here, hey, “it’s just business, it’s not personal”. Somewhere I found myself under the impression that business is just business AND personal time, yeah, that is completely separate.  Well friends, whether it’s the fact that I am ever closer to turning the big three-ohh, combined with the patient mentorship of an incredibly successful entrepreneur, I have taken a large step back.

Business is based on relationships.  They provide the passionate connection so often needed when major issues are at stake. They enable that instantaneous glance between two people who know by looking at each other the action they have to take. They provide the spark that moves and motivates teams.  Emotions inspire loyalty to a cause.  Emotions help unify leaders with their management and encourage collaboration.

A business is a cause; people advocate for the brand, the product or service and a special way of doing business that represents that cause.  All of the above are ways that positive emotions help businesses grow.

Being a “flip-flopper” is not always a bad thing.  A person should be able to change their minds, changing course as they grow.  My past successes have been forged through sheer determination and focus.  Right and Wrong. Black and White.  It served me well in my teens and twenties, but now, those traits make me appear empty, cold, and myopic.  Most importantly, I think it limits my potential.

I am a business woman.  I love business and I want to be exceptional with it.  But that’s not all.  I want to be an amazing wife and mother. I want my children and husband to feel loved and given the keys to success with unwavering support.

Zebras and Dogs

Alright, a Zebra can’t change their stripes, it’s in the DNA. But a dog CAN learn a new trick.  I know I’m gifted to come from a family of successful entrepreneurs. Examples of hard work and sacrifice were always ever abundant.  What I was missing was feeling.

Learning to recognize limitations, failures and weaknesses is not all doom and gloom, people, NO!  It’s the mature step to deep, personal understanding, to maximizing your potential, to knowing what you are good at and excelling.  It’s learning to seek mentorship.  It’s asking for help.

Business –much like life- is all about balance, trust, passion and heart.

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  • onlinedesign

    Jennifer, that is one of THE BEST articles I’ve ever read! It’s as if those exact same words came out of MY mouth. Business IS personal to me, and everyone else who offers excellent Customer service to everyone they encounter.

    A business IS a “Cause” — IF more employees felt that way and were behind the product, company, or service 110%, life would be a lot easier for everyone involved. Sometimes the very “cause,” aka Company, is the very one responsible for creating lackadaisical workers; “be faster, move on, on to the next one, don’t spend too much time with each customer, ONLY read the script, call quotas, sales quotas, quota quotas, and on & on & on — Scripted, Timed, Graded and berated.

    There is great freedom in being able to “do” what you love. When YOU dictate your own time parameters you can meet the needs of so many more people. That’s the most rewarding feeling ever — knowing that you helped, made someones’ day, you evangelized your product to a receptive audience because you”re the VOICE of your business.

    I love what you say about, “A business is a cause; people advocate for the brand, the product or service and a special way of doing business that represents that cause. All of the above are ways that positive emotions help businesses grow.”

    There has to be some balance. A Customer knows when they’re being rushed along; in person AND on the phone, they can tell. I think it’s far better to have quality communication & customer contact than QUANTITY, any day. And now we’ve come full-circle to why Direct Marketing can be so fulfilling.

    Anyway, I just wanted to make sure you knew how awesome your article is – well written, brief and to the point. It made me clap and say “Bravo!” That’s exactly how I feel, too. — Thank you!

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