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ASBTA Urges Biofuel Conversion by Airlines to Keep Small Businesses Traveling and Growing

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Small Businesses Worldwide would Greatly Benefit from a Significant Reduction in Fuel Cost

DALLAS, June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The American Small Business Travelers Alliance (ASBTA) serves America’s 27 million small companies by working to improve service, reduce costs and maintain safety and comfort in air travel.

“Public and private sector experts agree that small business success in creating jobs despite critical economic challenges is an essential factor in stabilizing the nation’s economy.  Skyrocketing costs of air travel are a major hurdle but, fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel,” said Chuck Sharp, president of the Alliance.

The Alliance referred to the two year Yale study funded by Boeing that found that little known Jatropha, an inedible weed-like plant that grows on otherwise unused land, could be converted to jet fuel and provide major cost savings while eliminating 60% of all harmful emissions.

Mission NewEnergy, Limited (Nasdaq: MNEL ASX: MBT), the world’s largest producer of Jatropha, based on acreage used, applauded the study and ASBTA’s efforts to gain public support for an all-airline changeover to biofuel. “Air New Zealand, Continental, Brazil TAM, Japan, Virgin Atlantic and KLM are already testing Jatropha in flight use. Now it is time for all carriers, large and small, to sample the benefits of sustainability and environmental responsibility while reducing their own operational costs significantly,” James Garton, President of Mission NewEnergy Limited, USA said.

The Mission NewEnergy executive pledged to make Jatropha available through any responsible conversion company so that all 230 airlines in the International Air Transport Association could experience the benefits and savings.

“The airline industry has been plagued with unprecedented costs since each penny jump in oil prices literally means millions in expense for a carrier,” Roger Frizzell, Vice President of American Airlines and an a Mission NewEnergy advisory board member said.

Major General Wilbert Pearson (USAF-Ret), the former Vice President of Lockheed Martin, is one of aviation’s superstars as a Hall of Fame pilot known as the first Space Ace. “The Air Force has an insatiable appetite for fuel and a compelling commitment to environmental correctness. It certainly seems that Jatropha can provide great sustainability and major cost savings,” said Pearson, the new Chairman of Mission New Energy’s Advisory Board.

At one point, it was thought Ethanol would be the answer to in-flight fuel needs but it has become accepted that Ethanol freezes and loses its potential at relatively low altitudes.

“In light of successful test flights by several major carriers using Jatropha and this week’s successful trans-Atlantic biofuel powered crossing, it would seem appropriate for U.S. officials to expedite approval of the plant as a base for jet biofuel as other nations have done,” Sharp concluded.

ASBTA is conducting an international outreach to further determine the impact a significant reduction in fuel cost would have on small businesses. To participate in the ASBTA Survey please email:


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