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Baby Boomers Bring New Boom, as Entrepreneurs

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The trend spans several industries, including commercial loans

ATLANTA, May 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Industry indicators from commercial loan experts to minority-owned businesses to health care providers are reporting a boom in entrepreneurs seeking and engaging in new business opportunities.

“The economic downturn had the negative impact of placing a significant number of talented professionals in the market for a new job,” said Kris Roglieri, president of Commercial Capital Training Group.  “Many of these professionals looked for opportunities to control their future while at the same time learning new skills in an unstable economy.”

One of the key demographics creating this shift is baby boomers.  As this population prepares to retire, a growing number are not willing to just rest on their nest egg.  A recent trend noted by Entrepreneur Magazine shows that “would-be retirees are taking over the workforce…. some experts even expect a boom in entrepreneurship as healthcare reform takes effect.”

In addition, many baby boomers are searching for financial independence through commercial loan opportunities.  Commercial Capital Training Group is witnessing this trend as a growing number of baby boomers from across the country enroll in the new six-day training program.

The Commercial Capital Training Group is an intense six-day training program, which provides business leaders with in-depth knowledge of dozens of lending products, industry know-how and marketing expertise to help them start their own commercial finance business.  Since 2009, Commercial Capital Training Group has produced more than 150 financial experts who have gone on to facilitate a wide variety of loans from equipment leasing to stock loans to commercial real estate loans to Small Business loans, among many others.

“In the past year we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of professionals enrolling in our intensive training program as they reach retirement age,” said Roglieri.  “With an unstable economy and a large number of baby boomers preparing for retirement, many are looking for opportunities to supplement their retirement income.”

The Commercial Capital Training Group has seen a 50% increase in the number of baby boomers in the past year.  In addition, the training group is seeing more women and individuals representing minority groups participating, which reflects national trends.

Commercial Capital Training Group – with more than 75 years of commercial finance experience Commercial Capital Training Group has developed a one-of-a-kind program, which provides the tools necessary to allow entrepreneurs to successfully own and operate their own full service commercial finance company.


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