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BatonUSA Helps America Get Back to Work

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MOSES LAKE, Wash., July 11, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — When it’s a choice of getting the Good News or Bad News first, most people prefer to start with the Bad News.

So here it is, the Bad News: US Unemployment rate for May 2011: 9.1%.

For the unemployed, however, there is hope because 10,000,000 Baby Boomers are wanting to sell their businesses in the next 7 years! (Inc. Magazine, April 2008)

John Loewen, President & CEO of BatonUSA, Inc., recognized an up and coming economic problem heading our way. The vast majority of Baby Boomers wishing to retire from their business will not be able to find a buyer. They will liquidate their assets and close down “the shop,” thus leaving their employees nothing but the unemployment line. Loewen realized that this problem could well be the solution to help the currently unemployed find a better way of life.

An apprentice program seemed the answer. During the summer of 2010 Loewen contacted a few State Representatives in Washington State. Loewen found the Representatives were keen to the idea of a mentorship program with young people matched to the Boomers, but when it came to committing time to explore the concept of a mentorship program, they just couldn’t. State deficits had their attention and time.

Loewen complained to his wife, Diane, “If something isn’t done soon to find buyers for these retiring Boomers, tax revenues will be decreasing, increasing the deficits.” He received a response from her that soon changed their lives, and would be the start of changing many more lives across the US. After hearing his complaint she simply said, “Why don’t you do something about it?”

Being an entrepreneur, and with a good knowledge of the Merger and Acquisition industry, Loewen did do something about it. He invented a new concept in an old industry, BatonUSA, “Passing the Baton … One Generation to the Next.” Loewen also created a new job description: “Job Site Career Placement for Business Ownership Apprentice.” As Loewen explained, “If YOUR JOB is going to be YOUR LIFE, why not make it YOUR BUSINESS?” To find out more about this new concept and the Matching, Mentoring, Monitoring, Mediating and Managing service, please visit BatonUSA online at You may contact Mr. Loewen directly by phoning 208-577-8069, email

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