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Can America Get Its Entrepreneurial Groove Back?

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Private Capital Research Institute (“PCRI”), a not-for-profit corporation led by Harvard Business School Professor Josh Lerner, recently co-hosted with the Brookings Institution an in-depth discussion of private capital’s role in the economy. Entitled Can America Get Its Entrepreneurial Grove Back, with a keynote address by New York Times columnist David Brooks and opening remarks by PCRI Chairman Joseph L. Rice, III, the event convened leading representatives of government, labor, academia and the private sector to discuss the role that private capital can play in spurring global growth and economic recovery.

In-depth video and audio content for the event can be found here: In addition, private-capital media specialist Privcap has produced a series of video interviews with key attendees, the first of which is a conversation with David Hirschmann of the US Chamber of Commerce. View Privcap’s video here:

“Bringing together a diverse array of thought leaders like we had at the Brookings event is a step toward more transparency around private capital and its role in the global economy,” said Professor Lerner. “Along with our research efforts at the PCRI, these discussions will advance the understanding of private capital and the important function it can serve.”

“We need new insights into the role of private capital,” stated Mr. Rice, PCRI Chairman. “Today’s policy debates about ‘growth’ focus almost exclusively on the role of public capital. This suggests that there is a need for intensive discussion and research on the role of private capital.”

About the PCRI:

The PCRI is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation funded by the Kauffman Foundation and formed to sponsor leading academics and experts to share, collaborate, and disseminate research on private capital. PCRI’s primary goal is to produce high quality academic research on the private capital industry based in large part on its comprehensive, centralized academic database of private capital transactions. The PCRI will analyze and disseminate its research findings to industry experts, policy makers and the public at large. For more information about the PCRI, please contact Josh Lerner at or Leslie Jeng at

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