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Advocare Challenges Banned Substance Claim

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The London Olympics less than 300 days away, athletes and companies like AdvoCare, a premier health and wellness company based in Dallas, are expecting the strictest anti-doping policies ever implemented in high-level competition. AdvoCare has prepared for the challenge by investing in extensive product testing to ensure its products are free of banned, performance enhancing substances and maintain their excellent reputation in the amateur and professional athletic communities.

There have been nine Olympic Games and many AdvoCare product-using competitors since the company was founded and only one athlete has ever claimed AdvoCare products contained a banned substance. This allegation by swimmer Jessica Hardy prompted AdvoCare to proactively seek a legal ruling to protect its reputation. This month a California Federal District Court will hear motions filed by AdvoCare to dismiss the claims filed by Ms. Hardy on the grounds the analytical testing she is relying on is invalid and unreliable.

“There is no scientific basis for Hardy’s claims against the company, and AdvoCare is asking the court to enter judgment in its favor on all of the claims asserted by Hardy,” said Allison Levy, general counsel for AdvoCare. “Subsequent to these allegations AdvoCare has had independent testing performed on each and every lot of product provided to Jessica Hardy and has demonstrated that every lot was free of banned substances. Furthermore, we are confident that this case will prove to be unfounded.”

In order to further guarantee the safety of its products, AdvoCare has fortified its products’ safety with an additional layer of checks and balances by participating in the INFORMED-CHOICE certification program – an independent quality assurance program for sports nutrition products. AdvoCare voluntarily and proactively has its entire Performance Elite line, and many other products, tested to certify the products are banned-substance free. By making this investment in the INFORMED-CHOICE alliance, AdvoCare has been able to attract, retain and help many athlete endorsers excel in their sports, and do so with confidence in their nutritional supplement choice.

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