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Good Distractions

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“We don’t care about what we don’t notice” These words were spoken by Dr. Daniel Goleman while giving a presentation titled “Why we are not all Good Samaritans”. “We don’t care about what we don’t notice”. These words have serious implications in our business, personal and social lives. In today’s fast paced world there is so much that we miss, so much that we don’t notice. The idea behind the statement is not so much that people don’t care, but rather, that we are just really bad observers. Perhaps it is too easy to not notice. We are all bombarded with radio ads in which we can change the station, TV commercials that we can fast forward, billboards that we can  look the other way from, and internet adds that simply pop up and then disappear in the corner of our eyes. Our modern world has taught us how to filter out everything accept that which we deem important at the moment.

What does that mean for all the things happening around us that we should notice and should care about, but don’t? As business professionals it is way too easy to prioritize our day and then hunker down and check items off of our list. But is that really living and is that really productive? Sure things get done but what did we miss along the way? It is time that we learn to unfilter our lives. Yes, at first glance this sounds a little scary and could be distracting, but sometimes distractions can be good things.

In our unfiltered vision we can see our business, our lives, and even the world as a whole. Think about the amazing opportunities that could bring. Opportunities to help and serve but also opportunities to prosper. Unfiltered vision could give us cause to stop at the corner to give a dollar to the homeless, we could notice when our spouse needs a second hug good buy, and we could notice better ways to operate our businesses. Unfiltered vision brings a clearer picture about what is important, where the needs truly are and how to interact effectively with our surroundings.

Currently we all walk around with filtered vision, stumbling along until we run into something meaningful and worthwhile. Let’s take off our goggles and learn to observe, notice and care. I think we would all be surprised just how far distractions could take us.

June 22, 2011 by Executive Editor, Mark Zarr.  All rights reserved 2011

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