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Good Package Design – Vemma Bod•e

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Picking up something or opening up a new toy that has good package design holds a special place for me, and I know it’s probably a very nerdy design thing, but many people do not understand the importance of package design. If anyone has ever opened up a MacBook Pro, iPhone or anything from Apple they know what good package design is. You get the feeling like it’s a company that holds themselves to a higher standard and they do not need good package design in the first place, their products speak for themselves. Getting that wow factor from the design before the consumer even touches your product is an accomplishment in itself.

So today I’m going to pick to pick on some package design from a company called Vemma. Vemma has a new product called Bod•e so I’ll run through my six principles of good package design and give you my thoughts.

1. Simplicity

Simplicity is the biggest one for me.  There’s nothing like looking at a nice simple design that catches your viewers eye without visually bombarding you with graphics and text. Vemma does a good job of keeping the design simple and to the point, simple graphics and text laid out nicely on the Bode can.

2. Honesty

Nobody actually believes that this bread was hand kneaded by a German baker or this wine was made from grapes in Italy or France. Nobody likes to believe that they are being spun. In a largely hyped-up or even dishonest environment truth can be revolutionary. Vemma also does a good job of being honest with it’s package design on the bode can. Nothing to fake out the consumer on this one.


3. Personality

Packaging with a unique personality is not just nice to have, it’s essential. It’s the fundamental difference between brand and private label, between emotion and function. Personality has the potential to show what’s unique about a brand, and yet this critical aspect is often ignored. Handled creatively, personality can make it possible to actually like the ”person” or “company” that is a particular brand. This is where Vemma’s design really shines. Their package design definitely has it’s own personality and coincides with the rest of the Vemma branding so in my opinion they’ve done a great job in the personality section.

4. Practicality

Who hasn’t been driven crazy by trying to open a blister pack or have a bag open to spill out all over the floor. Structural packaging is a must for user friendliness, if it isn’t then it doesn’t encourage the buyer to repurchase your product. Bode, it’s a can, you open it and drink it. Enough said.

5. Sustainability

Let’s face it, we’re all becoming more environmentally conscious and we feel guilty about throwing away plastic bottles and recognize wastefulness when it’s comes to unnecessary packaging. When packaging comes in reusable plastic containers or bags it’s a puls. When it comes to cans the best you can do is recycle so there’s not much to say about the Bode can here other than it can be recycled.

6. Authenticity

New products and brands come on the market at an alarming rate it’s hard to keep up, so when you find a brand that has managed to stay true over time it reminds us of lasting quality to create a level of comfort and assurance. Of course well established brands don’t have to put in as much work as the others because of their heritage, like Apple, Coke a cola or Nike. But new brands can achieve this too. Brands that maintain integrity can foster a genuine feeling of value. Vemma has done a good job of capturing authenticity in this category, the design scheme is consistant with the rest of the companies branding. It’s simple color scheme coupled by use of typography reflect it’s beautiful product.

Overall the new bode can design by Vemma get’s a thumbs up in my book. Simple design with good color scheme and good use of typography give this can a unique and modern look with a good personality.

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