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How’s your business report card?

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Have you ever caught yourself being quicker to log a complaint, than to compliment?

If so, you must be human. So are your customers. But that doesn’t mean they won’t respond positively to your requests for referrals and positive feedback.

Encourage your associates to capture the magic of a happy customer and at the moment it happens. Technology makes it even easier than ever to spread their joy; and good PR makes it important to collect. Other A+ advice:

Ask for positive feedback, referrals and repeat business  – and make it easy to provide.

Adapt to technology, your customers and the marketplace. Your brand can align with these new opportunities, customer habits and opinion leaders.

Adopt public relations strategies,  relationship-building techniques and experts who bring upper-level  productivity and PR strategies to your team.

Apply the rules to yourself. Offer positive feedback where warranted and be prepared to give in order to receive. So, connect with your business buds, say something nice when warranted and be a customer evangelist.

-Aim higher than last year, higher than your competition, and higher than you can reach on your own

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