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Make It Portable and Important: Consumers Want Products That Make Them Unique

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Capital of Know-How manufacturers know export is the way to go

PR Newswire CLEVELAND, Sept. 30, 2011 CLEVELAND, Sept. 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Small- to medium-sized American Manufacturers: You are the number one service companies in the world, and you have an extraordinary market opportunity.

If your product is selling in Milan, Italy, it is practically guaranteed to be a blockbuster in Milan, Ohio. It is a proven fact that refocusing your production for export makes you stronger, tightens your core, increases your margins and grows your company. According to the Export-Import Bank of the United States, the U.S. has experienced a 70% increase in export business over the past two years, which supports 227,000 jobs ($34.4 billion worth of exports) in more than 3,300 companies!

The pie gets bigger every day. China alone will soon add more than one billion middle-class citizens — three times the market potential than the U.S. marketplace ever was. If the U.S. economy has sustained world production for the past 60 years, then you can imagine the manufacturing opportunity that this newly added disposable income represents.

“Wake up and smell the coffee; this is the boon American manufacturers who can make it portable and important have been looking for,” says Mary Kaye Denning, founder and CEO of The Manufacturing Mart and Capital of Know-How. In her extensive career helping manufacturers prosper, Denning has worked in ten countries and across equally as many industries. The Manufacturing Mart can help small- to medium-sized companies start or expand the exporting process. Denning has visited more than 400 job shops; she listens and helps owners find ways to do their job better and more easily.

Denning’s quick tips for building export manufacturing include the following:

  • Think visible: Chinese consumers, in particular, don’t spend money on foreign products their friends and neighbors can’t see.
  • Rethink the competition: The competition is not the Chinese factories that make it cheaper; it is European marketers who do it better.
  • See the glass half-full: The only thing missing in your export success is you.
  • Get started: American manufacturing, with its roots in servicing the needs of the world’s largest middle-class customer, gives you the edge.
  • Market, Market, Market: Learn why your manufacturing story is the only marketing strategy you’ll ever need.

Job shops interested in growing their business through exporting can contact Denning at (216) 470-3969 or

Photo of Mary Kaye Denning, founder and CEO of the Capital of Know-How™ / The Manufacturing Mart:

About The Manufacturing Mart: The Manufacturing Mart is located in Downtown Cleveland, an all-American city complete with award-winning five-star chefs, a world-class orchestra, fine art institutions, world-class museums and affordable accommodations. The Manufacturing Mart’s street-level exhibition is only a short walk from the premier (soon-to-open) world-class Medical Mart and breathtaking sunsets on Lake Erie.

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