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MonaVie, Mannatech Inc, 4Life Sciences, & Princess House Inc Accounce Executive Changes

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MonaVie, a direct sales company in health and wellness, announced that Sachin Adhikari, an expert in the field of leadership development, has been named as CEO and Global President of MVP (MonaVie Values People). MVP is the company’s newly launched training, education and leadership program designed to guide the success of its global distributor network.

Adhikari has worked with several multinational companies gaining experience in sales, marketing and business-development areas. Most notably, at one of these international companies, Adhikari moved up through the ranks and developed a well-known leadership program called 5-5-5 Prism of Success.

In 2009, The Institute of Economic Studies, one of the world’s premier research-based organizations, awarded Adhikari the Udyog Rattan Award, recognizing his global leadership in the field of training and development.

MonaVie has also appointed Dr. Shawn Talbott, a scientist and expert in metabolism, weight loss, sports nutrition and human performance, as the company’s new Vice President of Research and Product Development. In his new capacity, Dr. Talbott will be responsible for developing and overseeing the creation of an overall product strategy, including the development of new products and the integration of existing products into a long-term strategic plan.

Dr. Talbott joins MonaVie with more than 20 years of experience in the field of nutritional products as a leading researcher and product developer. He is the recipient of a dozen competitive research awards, is the former Director of the University of Utah Nutrition Clinic, and also taught as an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Nutrition.

MonaVie develops and markets scientifically formulated premium-quality products in the health and wellness category through a global network of more than 1 million independent distributors in 21 countries.

Mannatech Inc.

Mannatech Inc. has announced changes in its Senior Executive Office and corporate structure. Dr. Robert A. Sinnott has been named CEO, B. Keith Clark has been named Chief Operating Officer and Al Bala has been named Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. These three executives make up Mannatech’s Senior Executive Office. S. Mark Nicholls has also been promoted to Chief Financial Officer. He will succeed Stephen D. Fenstermacher.

Dr. Sinnott, CEO and Chief Science Officer, joined Mannatech in 2005 as Chief Science Officer, and added the responsibilities of Co-CEO in 2009. He is a 20-year veteran of technical organizations spanning government, academic and commercial enterprises.

For Clark, Chief Operating Officer is a new position for the company, in addition to his role as Chief Legal Officer. He joined Mannatech in 2006 as Senior Vice President and General Counsel, and most recently held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer.

Al Bala will lead the company’s efforts to streamline and unify its sales and marketing efforts to even better support the company’s independent sales associates. Bala joined Mannatech in 2007 as Senior Vice President of Sales, and has since been at the center of the company’s global sales and marketing efforts.

Nicholls joined Mannatech in December 2007 to serve as Senior Tax Manager, and most recently served as Vice President Treasury and Tax.

Mannatech Inc. develops high-quality health, weight and fitness, and skincare products that are based on the solid foundation of nutritional science and development standards.

4Life Sciences

Following a year of growth in 2011, 4Life President Steve Tew recently announced the following promotions:

Tyler Rasch as Chief Information Officer, Kelli Vallejos as Vice President of Human Resources, Nathan Larsen as Vice President of Field Development, Andrew Weeks as Vice President of Software Development, Lesley Dunn as Vice President of Events and Recognition, Nelson Altamirano as Vice President of Web and Interactive, and Catherine Larsen as Vice President of International Product Registration.

Rasch has been with 4Life for two years as Vice President of Information Technology before being promoted to Chief Information Officer. Vallejos, Vice President of Human Resources (formerly Director of Human Resources), and Nathan Larsen, Vice President of Field Development (formerly Director of Field Development), have both been with the company since its launch in 1998.

Weeks started at 4Life 11 years ago. He was Director of Software Development prior to being promoted to Vice President of Software Development. Dunn, Vice President of Events and Recognition, has been with the company for eight years as Director of Events and Recognition.

Altamirano, Vice President, Web and Interactive, began with 4Life six years ago and was promoted from the level of Director of Web Services. Finally, Catherine Larsen, Vice President of International Product Registration, came to 4Life in 2009 as Director of IPR.

4Life has offices on five continents to service a global network of independent distributors through science, success and service.

Princess House Inc.

Princess House Inc., soon to celebrate its 50th year in the direct selling industry, announced that Connie Tang will join the company as President and CEO, effective immediately. Tang brings 17 years of direct selling/party plan experience and joins Princess House from her position as President of a direct seller of cosmetics and personal care products. Tang has also held executive positions at other beauty and cosmetics companies, including Lancome Inc. and Clinique Inc.

According to Michael and Ray Chambers, owners of Princess House, Tang will be in place to lead the company through new growth strategies, particularly in the company’s Latina market.

Headquartered in Taunton, Mass., Princess House is a direct selling and business opportunity company offering exclusive products for cooking, dining and entertaining.

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