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ShurePet: Loving Pets Is Their Business

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Andrew’s love of pets and the importance they play in everyday life started at an early age. Growing up he had many pet companions including dogs‚ cats‚ fresh and saltwater fish‚ guinea pigs‚ and even a playful pet turtle. Today‚ his adopted dog‚ Caillou‚ is a regular office fixture at Shure Pets Inc. accompanying him to work everyday.

Even as a youth‚ Andrew was an aspiring entrepreneur. He worked in a “pet boutique‚” one of the early businesses providing expanded pet products and services to pets and their owners. Starting at ages 12 and 13 respectively‚ he and his brother had their share of lemonade stands‚ sold flags‚ and later even started a pet and household products related business. Their entrepreneurial passion and business acumen continued to flourish to where they desired to share their interests. Soon they were employing many of their young friends and neighbors in the growing enterprises. After graduation‚ he and his brother went on to found an educational toy company that today is one of the largest producers of educational toys in the United States.

Prior to the founding of Shure Pets‚ pet products were only sold through direct selling on a limited basis and not at all via home parties. Considering that 70% of the U.S. population has pets‚ the possibility of creating a platform for pet lovers to be their own boss in a profession that they love seemed self–evident. Market factors are also favoring Shure Pets. The pet category has more than doubled over the last 10 years and is projected to continue to grow in the years ahead. The emergence of the “pet parent” phenomena‚ treating pets as a mainstream family member‚ has also been a powerful force in category expansion.* The Direct Selling Industry has more than doubled as well and also continues a positive outlook.** Added to this are the challenges of the current economy‚ which when aligned with the market factors makes Shure Pets a uniquely powerful opportunity for people to seek out and earn supplemental income while building their own pet business.

Today‚ Shure Pets is a direct selling leader in the distribution of premier pet products by a network of nationwide independent business owners called “Pet Consultants” through a unique business opportunity requiring a minimal upfront cost. Pet products are offered directly to consumers by the hosting of pet parties‚ vendor event participation‚ fundraisers‚ and other direct selling methods. We are proud to have innovated the pet category by empowering aspiring business owners and pet lovers nationwide.

The Shure Pets organization‚ its Pet Consultants‚ and employees all share one thing in common… a love of pets and the important role they play in our lives and the contributions they make to the happiness of all of us‚ our families‚ and others.


Shure Pets combines a dedication to pets and pet owners with an entrepreneurial business opportunity that recognizes an individual’s right to earn financial reward based on work effort aligned with their personal goals. Also‚ our product line is focused on providing the best – many of our products are organic‚ 100% natural‚ and made in the USA. All are very important features to our consultants and customers.

With this as our foundation‚ Shure Pets is dedicated to the following organizational Vision‚ Mission‚ and Values:

Shure Pets aspires to be the premier global direct seller of premium pet products by creating an unparalleled entrepreneurial opportunity for individual business ownership.

For our customers we are dedicated to the health and welling being of their pets by providing a diversity of high quality products that enhance their lives. For our independent Pet Consultants‚ we are committed to creating a pathway for a meaningful earning and personal growth opportunity.

Our Pet Consultants and Employees share the following “PET” values:

    • Passion: we understand the importance of pets and desire to share our enthusiasm with others
    • Empowerment: we believe in the entrepreneurial right to achieve financial and personal goals based on individual effort
    • Trust: we earn the respect of all stakeholders by providing the best pet products through ethical business practices

A Growing Pet Business OpportunityPremium pet product sales continue to be a rapidly growing market and is expected to continue to grow in the years to come. Pet business opportunities like Shure Pets are thriving while the market projects a strong demand for pet products and services that both enhance pet health and pamper your pet. As the “pet parent” trend continues it is projected that the overall U.S. pet market will continue to grow from $53 billion in 2009 to over $70 billion in 2014.

Basic annual expenditures for
dog and cat owners Pie Chart and Total U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures Graph Chart

Adding to our pet product appeal‚ paralleling trends in the general consumer market‚ the organic and natural pet product category also continues to grow. Many pet owning consumers are turning to organic and natural products as a healthier and safer alternative for their pets.

Why Direct Selling?
Millions of Americans have turned to direct selling for part–time income or as a full–time career. Over 16 million Americans participate in direct selling in a growing market of nearly $30 billion in annual sales. Surveys indicate that most consultants choose direct selling because it’s uniquely flexible: They can be their own boss‚ set their own hours and work around other priorities such as their families or even their regular jobs.

Both men and women come to direct selling for their own personal reasons. Some try direct selling to earn just a little extra money for essentials such as unanticipated medical expenses or for extras such as a family vacation. Some even come seeking a long–term career. Direct selling offers one of the finest entrepreneurial skill building opportunities in the world and many often find a lasting value far beyond their original goal or motivation. Others find that what they learn from creating a home–based business of their own serves them throughout their lives in ways they never would have dreamed.

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