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The importance of standards and frameworks when working with the web.

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In today’s fast-paced world, your presence on the web is vital to promoting your company and it’s products on a global level. One of the keys to success in online marketing is providing a unified and consistent brand.

You might ask: “How do standards and frameworks on the web help my business?” In short, they provide the developers responsible for getting your brand syndicated throughout the ever-expanding web of information with a well established toolkit for accomplishing your online goals.

The real value of this “toolkit” is that it provides a solid and reliable environment for developers like myself to work within and also something that can be expanded upon to provide a cutting-edge business solution that not only works as expected, but also provides an extensible platform for moving forward and growing alongside your business and product line.

Frameworks also allow developers to put together very robust web applications that provide online stores, forums, blogs, websites, and back-end business solutions (to name a few) without starting every single project from the ground up. Not only does this save on development costs, but it can also greatly decrease the turnaround time required for your project. For example, by utilizing trustworthy pre-built frameworks that have been tried, tested, and used by the masses, your developer can move forward and build an awesome online store without worrying about writing a complete content management system to go alongside it.

As for the importance of standards, it’s simple, producers of all modern web browsers are constantly working towards properly implementing all web standards published by the W3C. These standards are what help ensure cross-browser compatibility and also aid developers in creating the unified and consistent web presence previously mentioned to your business. To be frank, it’s hard to take a business serious when their website doesn’t work in Internet Explorer. (which is fairly common, even though the browser holds approximately 20% of the market)

Still wondering how the web standards have anything to do with this issue? It’s simple, follow the standards and in most cases you won’t run into issues. In cases where one browser has not properly implemented a standard, developers throughout the world collaborate and share workarounds and adjustments to combat small inconsistencies resulting from improper standards implementation in different web browsers.

To reiterate, following standards provides a much easier path to a successful presentation of your business across the web regardless of an end-users operating system and browser. The utilization of web frameworks provide a solid platform for building an online presence into your business while also saving you two very important things: time and money.

Why should your developer stay up-to-date on the latest trends, standards, and frameworks on the web? Because failure to do so causes a waste of time, money, your potential reputation, and bolsters inefficiency in your company’s operations.

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