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Vault Denim Offers Designer Jeans To The Masses

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Vault Denim was established in the year 2010 in Sandy, Utah. The company focuses primarily on selling designer jeans that can be found in the market as well but what truly sets Vault Denim apart from its competitors is that they offer their jeans at half the price of its retail value.

Vault Denim offers a ground-floor opportunity for those who are just starting out in the direct selling industry. Vault Denim offers products of even value, which is not an advantage only to consumers but as well as to distributors, as they are given the opportunity to earn more.

Vault Denim offers consultants this opportunity and more. While the company’s team size is significantly smaller than those of other companies, it is quickly growing as more consultants are recruited into the Vault Denim family. Vault Denim’s product base is limited to denim jeans, however there is still a lot that one can expect from the company. From plain denims, Capris to limited-edition designer jeans and high-end jeans, Vault Denim offers just about any type and style of denim jeans available in the market.

Offering the same quality, style, and detail that designer jeans in retail stores offer, Vault Denim jeans have the added advantage of being sold for a much lower price and are much more accessible since they are brought directly to the consumer, eliminating the need to have to go to a retail location to shop. Featuring a wide-range of high-end brands, the options are unlimited for both consultants and consumers.

Vault Denim is able to provide their designer denim products for half their retail price because they purchase overstock jeans from designer labels. This allows them to sell authentic high-end denim for such low prices. It is worth noting, however, that consultants cannot choose which items to add to their inventory, as Vault Denim stocks periodically changes. This is a typical characteristic of the clothing industry, as stocks change per season. However, since Vault Denim stocks up frequently, one can expect a wide variety of options to offer their customers.

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