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Vemma Teenager Reaches Platinum Brand Partner

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Kailey WarrenFor college student and Vemma Platinum Brand Partner Kailey Warren, Verve offers a powerful way to jump-start a career. While many students her age are vaguely considering the future and flopping from one major to the next, she’s working hard and is focused on creating a strong, positive organization of Vemma Brand Partners.

Vemma has become part 1 of her plan A. “I want to be a personal trainer, but there isn’t much money in that. With Vemma, I’ll be able to have the best of both worlds,” she says. Kailey is building a business now that she plans to run, alongside of being a personal trainer, after she graduates.

And she’s on the fast track! Kailey joined Vemma in October 2011, and in less than six months, she reached the rank of Platinum. Her business continues to grow, with an ever-enlarging group of Brand Partners. “I’m really proud of everyone I’ve brought on board,” she says. “I take zero credit. I give all the credit to my team.”

Due to her stellar success, this 19-year-old Platinum Brand Partner was invited to be on the Gen Y Panel at Vemma’s 2012 Convention. The panel introduced eight of Vemma’s top young adult Brand Partners (all under the age of 30), who shared hints on how to attract young, energetic college-age Brand Partners into your organization. Click here<> to watch a video from the Believe Convention of Kailey and the panel sharing tips and advice.

Many in the Gen Y age group are interested in building and owning their own businesses and in pursuing dual careers. They’ve grown up in a post-recession era world, where they’ve seen their own parents, or many of their friends’ parents, cope with layoffs and career changes. For this generation, it’s easy to see the appeal of creating an alternative income, setting your own working hours, and putting expert social networking skills to work.

When people ask Kailey how they can get more people from the Gen Y age group on their team, she says to start with young adults you already know. “Talk to your nieces and nephews, and start conversations wherever you go. Give out samples. Verve is going to be popular for this age group.” She says the most important thing is to demonstrate enthusiasm and excitement.

As a college student, Kailey has tapped into a large, close-knit community with a constant supply of new prospects. “I advertise on campus, post flyers, and talk to everyone I know. But I think the most powerful advertisement is as simple as drinking a can of Verve in class every day. People notice, they ask me about it, and that starts the conversation.”

For Kailey, being a Vemma Brand Partner fits perfectly with a college student’s busy and varied schedule and allows her to balance her life. “I enjoy the fact that with Vemma, I don’t have to report to work at a certain time. I have time for studying, relaxing, and spending time with friends. A lot of working students have to sacrifice either studying or their social life, but I have time for both. I create my own schedule, which really appeals to college students.”

Tips from Kailey Warren
• Stay excited and generate enthusiasm in your team. Excited people follow people who know where they’re going.
• Follow up with people. Keep in touch.
• Help out on other teams, even when there isn’t a tangible benefit to you.
• Give it your all and keep going!

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