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What are you working for?

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I am supposed to be vacationing this week. I’ll admit that I love what I do. I enjoy going to work. I love coming up with new ideas and figuring out a way to make them go. That is probably why I am sitting outside my condo’s closed clubhouse using their Internet and fighting mosquitos, I love what I do.

This morning I was talking with a gentlemen from Seattle planning our next episode of Networking Star TV. We had an incredible first episode and people are really responding to it. For our next show we are featuring a cool new business that started on a shoe string and is now doing millions of dollars of sales. I can’t wait to learn how they started funding with family and friends and then got some much needed capital from investors.

I really get a kick out of talking to young entrepreneurs and seasoned pros. I learn so much just being on the phone with these guys. When like minded people get together, there is so much to be learned form each other. I guess that is why I keep making the calls even when I am supposed to be on vacation. Work is fun to me.

By the way. I still got to do some vacationing, we hiked into Blue Lake above Cascade, Idaho. It is an incredible spot, even carrying a ton of kids to get there. There was still snow up there in the middle of July and the water was freezing. Of course Parker and I had to jump in. I must say I love that kid, he is as crazy as his old man.

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What are you working for?

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