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What Color Shoes to Wear When…

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Color shoes (as well as your neutral…black, beige, brown or navy) can be so much fun to wear…but ever wonder exactly WHEN to choose a different color INSTEAD of those neutral colors?

Of course a lot depends on YOUR personal style. The shoes can change the overall look of an outfit, as heels send a different message than boots or Mary Jane shoes.

If you DO choose to wear a color shoes, say for instance RED, then be sure to tie the color in by wearing a red bracelet or other red accessory or carry a red purse.

But as far as COLOR goes, here’re a few  ”rule of thumb” suggestions:

Wear shoe color that is either:

  • The same as
  • Darker than
  • or brighter than the Hemline of your skirt or pants
  • BUT never LIGHTER!

Where does your eye go?  Right to the shoes…instead of YOU!


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