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Many of you have asked for a real PLAN to help you get started with your closet clean-out…so here it is!  And it really works if you follow the plan AND follow through!


1. Clothes you wear all the time – – (right color, fits)

a. Put back into closet

b. Put all items together:  e.g.: all skirts, all pants, all blouses, all jackets.  (Do NOT put “suits” together)

2. Clothes you would wear IF…they were clean or repaired

a. Put directly into trunk of car – drop off at cleaners and / or alteration professional

b. Put soiled clothes to be washed at home in the laundry room or separate container

c. Clothes that YOU will repair: attach materials needed to repair item.

3. Clothes you would wear if you had something to go with it

a. Cut a swatch of fabric from an inside seam

b. Put in you color deck

4. Clothes you have not worn for the last 1 ½ years (for whatever reason)

a. Box them up, label box and store

b. Sell them at consignment store (check on-line for one in your area)

c. Give them away (local charitable organizations)


1. Arrange use of two closet spaces (can purchase portable one)

2. Separate clothes into two categories:

a.    Fall items:  all woolens, sweaters, long sleeve blouses, coats

b. Spring items: all lines, cottons (lightweight) sleeveless or short sleeve blouses, shorts

3. Switch closets twice a year —fall (Halloween) and spring (Easter)

a. Keep current “season” in main closet

b. Store other “season” in second closet

4.      Review “four piles”  Twice a year – (when switching closets)

a. Be patient with yourself AND your wardrobe -this REALLY WORKS!!

b. Be FIRM about Sec. I. #4 – it’s THE most difficult



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