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‘Your Office Anywhere’ Launches Comprehensive Cloud Computing Service for Small Businesses at $10 per Month

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Site’s Mobility, Simplicity and Affordability Makes it a Technology Solution for 21st Century Small Businesses

TUCSON, Ariz., Nov. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — In a mobile world “Your Office Anywhere” puts your office at your fingertips no matter where you are. It eliminates most technology costs for small businesses, and connects co-workers through online meetings and collaboration. And it leads the cloud computing software as a service industry in affordability at only $10 per month.

For small businesses running on small margins, keeping pace with technology can eat into precious profits and balloon operating expenses. And even after investing in server space, software and IT, a small business is often left with a product that doesn’t meet the demands of a mobile, 21st Century office.

“Your Office Anywhere” has launched a comprehensive cloud computing solution for small businesses that leads the industry in affordability, versatility and ease of use.

The service is an online office melding the functions of several programs into a single service that delivers online meetings for up to 200 people at a time, unlimited collaboration spaces and 100 gigabytes of file storage. The service is accessible from anywhere with a single click, and no downloading or set-up is required.

“Your Office Anywhere” was developed with an eye for the needs of small businesses. During his decade of working as an international small business consultant, “Your Office Anywhere” Founder Leif Hartwig learned that business owners are not looking for gadgetry or high-tech bells and whistles — they want dependable technology that meets their needs without introducing unnecessary complexity to their work life.

With that in mind, Hartwig developed “Your Office Anywhere” to be simple, mobile and affordable. Accessible from mobile devices, tablets and any computer, the service allows you to interact with you office wherever you go, and replaces software or single-solution services that cost much more.

“Your Office Anywhere is a site for the masses,” said Leif Hartwig, founder and CEO of “Your Office Anywhere.” “It delivers an all-in-one technology solution for small businesses in a simple and effective service.”

Small business owners can use the service to conduct almost every facet of their jobs — meet online, organize client and team communication, chat, share documents, exchange files, and organize calendars. All of this can be done without a business’s clients ever having to sign up for the service.

The site’s flexibility and app-friendly mobility, make it the perfect tool for businesses adapting to a more flexible, mobile and online workplace.

“We are seeing a decentralization of companies and businesses all over the planet and our product gives them an office that fits the needs of this new workplace,” said Hartwig.

“Your Office Anywhere” launches November 1. To take a tour of the service’s offering, visit:


* The Public Cloud Computing industry is expected to nearly triple in the next 4 years, from $21.5 billion to $72.9 billion, according to International Data Corporation.
* Unlike competitors DropBox or BaseCamp, Your Office Anywhere delivers much more than a data storage service or document sharing product — it rolls all of a business’s or individual’s technology needs into one, affordable package.
* During the first 30 days of the “Your Office Anywhere” launch, the company will offer a lifetime, $10-a-month price guarantee for continuous Your Office Anywhere users.
* Services include: video conferencing, data storage and sharing, collaboration workspaces, contact management, calendar organization, mobile application.


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Your Office Anywhere is led by a team of proven business veterans. Founder Leif Hartwig previously launched TruQuest and grew it into an international business consulting company, and was a senior investment officer at RBC Wealth Management. Chief Technology Officer Shane McMurray has experience in systems development for a Fortune 100 company, and held positions with HealthTrio and Intuit. And Chief Operation Officer Karen Connors has over 20 years of experience in technology sales, marketing and management.

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