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Zrii’s New Facebook Page Launches Them to the Forefront of MLM Social Media

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Zrii is taking the social media world by storm as they launch an all new Facebook page, complete with new interactive apps, and daily personal training updates. Zrii is poised to revolutionize the approach to MLM social media.

Zrii LLC is launching a brand new Facebook page that will propel the company into the limelight for its innovative use of social media. The new Facebook page showcases the company’s fun, enthusiastic personality and passion for total life transformation through numerous interactive features, including:

  •     A “personal trainer” that sends community members simple, daily tips and tricks to help them experience total-body wellness
  •     A goal-setting feature where fans can share their personal goals with the community and get cheered on by like-minded friends
  •     Fun, monthly contests where Zrii fans can showcase their passion for the company and its products (winners are chosen by fellow fans)
  •     Tons of healthy recipe ideas that encourage fans to discover the joys of healthy cooking

“Our goal is to go above and beyond what other MLM companies are doing on Facebook,” says VP of Sales, Travis Martin. “We want to convey the strong sense of community that is the foundation of our company, and Facebook is of course the perfect place to do that. It’s built around people connecting with other people! Because we also know that good health is the result of everyday choices, another one of our goal is to create tools that help people get healthy every single day, every step of the way. So we built our Facebook page around features that people can visit and use on a daily basis to help them transform their lives.”

The Facebook launch is the first in a series of major changes the company is planning over the next year to improve its social media presence and enhance the way it connects with its customers. To explore Zrii’s new Facebook page, visit

Formally launched in May 2008, Zrii® LLC, founded by CEO Bill Farley is an international wellness company that markets a line of premium, all-natural nutritional and wellness products. Exclusively endorsed by world-renowned health expert Deepak Chopra and the prestigious Chopra Center for Wellbeing™, the company is committed to helping individuals achieve better health and a better quality of life. Zrii’s line of all-natural wellness products includes its flagship product, a daily nutritional supplement called Zrii the Original Amalaki™, Achieve™, a revolutionary weight management and meal replacement system, Accell, a low-calorie energy and weight loss supplement, and Purify, a total body cleanse and weight loss system. Formulated using ancient medical wisdom, Zrii’s products ( are helping people realize the joy of great health and great wealth around the world.

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