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Chandeal Co. Ltd.

Score Breakdown

  • Value to You: 00000
  • The Brand: 00000
  • The Team: 00000
  • The Frontline: 00000
  • Resilience: 00000

Company Snapshot

  • Product(s): Lingerie
  • Compensation Plan: -
  • Corporate Revenue: $125 million
  • Markets: Japan
  • Headquarters: Nara, Japan
  • Website:

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Chandeal Co. Ltd. is a 50 million Yen company that specializes in women’s lingerie to be sold in a person to person or party plan style.

Chandeal was started in 1980 by President Shanderu.  The company was established in 1985 in Omiya-cho, Nara City, Japan.  Chandeal has a small collection of women’s lingerie, girdles, and other undergarments.


Chandeal has been selling lingerie for 30 years, according to the company’s website, and their lingerie is attractive, appealing, comfortable, and refreshing.  They focus on a clean look and design intended to make it easier for the distributors to sell.

Average start up cost: 1,000 Yen to be paid to the company


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  • alexthegreat

    I found a corset for sale in the US online but haven’t found a way to order other products. The site isn’t much help.

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