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Jewels by Park Lane

Score Breakdown

  • Value to You: 55555
  • The Brand: 55555
  • The Team: 55555
  • The Frontline: 55555
  • Resilience: 55555

Company Snapshot

  • Product(s): Jewelry
  • Marketing Style: Party plan and person-to-person
  • Compensation Plan: Multi-level
  • Year Founded: 1955
  • Corporate Revenue: $150 million
  • Markets: NA
  • Distributors: 350,000
  • Employees: 200
  • Headquarters: Schaumburg, Ill
  • Website:

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What people are saying about Jewels by Park Lane:

Jewels by Park Lane is a $150 million company that specializes in jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, earrings)  to be sold in a party plan and person to person marketing style.

Jewels by Park Lane started in Chicago in 1955 by founders Arthur and Shirley LeVin.  They offer items such as gold tone or silver tone, faux pearls, faux gems, real crystals, real cubic zirconia (man-made diamonds), et cetera.

According to the company website, Jewels provides an “Unconditional Guarantee” with conditions.  Items needing service or replacement can be sent in to the company for the first 4 months (120 days) free of charge.  After the 120 day period, service handling costs $5 per item or $12 per watch.  The customer pays shipping and no repairs will be made unless the customer includes their original order form with the repair.  If the item needs to be replaced, Jewels by Park Lane will replace it with the same item.  The web site doesn’t state what will occur if the company no longer manufacturers that item and it can not be repaired.


Jewels by Park Lane jewelry are ordered in a party plan style and sold through a multi-level compensation plan.  When a person orders at least $30 of product, they get an additional item for $12 up to their purchase amount.  This comes in $30 increments so with a $60 order, the customer receives two items up to their purchase amount for $12 each.

Jewels by Park Lane is home to over 200 employees, with over 350,000 distributors, and has headquarters in Schaumburg, Ill.

Average start up cost: $39.00


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  • Nocomp

    Cheap, way too expensive, and a “compensation” plan built to make you spend more money. And forget it if you have metal allergies.

    • Admin

      Thank you for your comment. We’d love it if you would take the survey to provide some more in depth information for others that are interested in learning about this company.

      You can find the survey here:

      Just select your company from the drop down.

  • jbellinger

    The jewelry made by JBPL is made the highest quality materials and processes. The compensation is amazing within the direct sales industry, and certainly allows for one to progress up the ladder much more easily than in other direct sales companies.

    All JBPL jewelry is 100% nickel free, and a majority of people with metal allergies are allergic to nickel. Including me. Until Jewels by Park Lane, I was not able to wear fashion jewelry due to the nickel content. Since I started with the company in Sept. 2010, I’ve not had one reaction to any piece of jewelry I’ve worn.

    As for the Unconditional Guarantee mentioned above, I believe the company refers to the fact that they don’t care how the jewelry was damaged, but that they will repair/replace any piece at any time as long as the original receipt is included. The repair/replacement is free for the first 120 days after purchase and only $7 after that ($12 for a watch).

    See for more information.

    • Networking Star

      Thank you for your comments JBellinger! We really appreciate you for taking the time to tell others how you feel about JBPL. It gives us the warm fuzzies to see how readers interact. We’d appreciate it if you would share the link with your fellow distributors and ask them to share their stories of working with Jewels!

  • dmrizzi

    Park Lane Jewelry is high quality, high fashion jewelry. It is made with the finest of materials and conain precious and semi precious stones, Austrian Crystals and Swarovski Crystal. All pieces have a “retail” price in the catalog, but our family owned and debt free company offers customers the opportunity to obtain these jewels at a 40% – 80% discount with their unique savings plan. Our generous Hostess plan compares with no other. As reps, we are not at shows to make people spend lots of money to insure a huge hostess credit. We don’t use percentages. Our plan is on a per order basis so that even if a guest spends $10, our hostess gets a huge credit. 10 orders @ $40 each = $400! It’s incredible!

    I have been with the company for over 7 years and I have never spent a dime. Park Lane invests in their new directors. The registration is just $5 and the kit is free! Every month for the first 6 months, Park Lane gifts additional free samples to their new directors. Every month FOREVER, a new director has the opportunity to get the new monthly samples delivered to their door for free, designer outfits and more. I have never known such a generous company that supports their reps like family. Our unconditional lifetime guaranty means just that! No receipt is necessary. Park Lane knows their jewels and will replace anything forever. After 4 months there is a $7 charge which covers shipping and insurance.

    I’ve been in many direct sales companies – many of which ended up costing me money meeting quotas and sales and recruiting requirements. Park Lane has no quotas! And, they reward people who come to our company from other direct sales companies by directly appointment them to a management position equivalent to their position with their prior company.

    There’s no down side folks! No downside at all! Park Lane Rocks!

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