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Jen Howard

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The greater portion of my life was spent living in different parts of our beloved United States.  I thrive on the opportunity and challenge to learn about new cultures, environments, communities, etc.  Making lasting relationships in every new place is arguably my greatest achievement.

I love helping people! After completing a Bachelor in Anthropology from San Diego State University, I was awarded a scholarship to Hawaii Pacific University where I earned a Masters in Organizational Change, combining my passion for business, culture, performance improvement research and making organizations successful!

A lifelong competitive equestrian showjumper, my two incredible horses teach me more about myself each day.  A swimmer at heart, who loves free diving, surfing, wakeboarding… just try to keep me out of the ocean, lake or kiddie pool… I dare you. Sports are my hobby, especially new ones. Skydiving is statistically safer than driving, no really. Look it up.

Project Manager is just one of my hats.  Caring for others and improving performance are my primary objectives in life.

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