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Can you handle it?

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Making the decision to be an entrepreneur is never easy. Through hard work, luck and a patient wife, I have been blessed with great partners, profitable businesses and the means to feed five children who never seem to go very long without ripping their pants or losing their shoes. The life of an entrepreneur is also fraught with challenges, long days, cheap hotels, endless flights and discouragement. But the stress and challenges are all a part of a complete life. The good comes with the bad and the ups come with the downs on the path of success.


Dave Blanchard from the Og Mandino group wrote, “Entrepreneurs want to acquire increasing levels of ability to handle ever-increasing levels of stress with ever-increasing levels of ease.” This is a beautiful quote. If you can’t handle more stress and do more today than you could last year, I encourage you to ask yourself why and then do something about it.

The most successful people in the world are the ones who can handle more stress with more ease. Every day challenges should smooth the rough edges of anger, resentment and discouragement. Each challenge today prepares you for bigger challenges tomorrow with bigger paydays behind them.

Embrace the challenges and stress that are a part of life, business and success. I believe that the purpose of life is to constantly learn, grow and be able to it with increasing ease. Remember, calm seas do not make skilled sailors, expect a couple bumps and bruises on the path of success.

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Can you handle it?

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