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Everyday Happiness

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As I relish a rare Saturday off on a beautiful spring day, a cool breeze of happy gratitude seems to have blown in my face. Turning 40 just over two years ago marked a magnificent turning point in my bank account as my large debts started to disappear and be replaced with growing assets. However, my true happiness does not seem to have been impacted by collecting interest instead of paying it.

For me, happiness can be defined, but it must be felt to be understood. For happiness to be appreciated, sadness must also be experienced. Happiness does not come from frequent big events, but the recognition of the true grandeur of everyday small ones.

My happiness grows each day from my wife’s kiss as I arrive home, the perpetual noise of a full house, holding a chubby one-year old as my wife and daughter sing, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun,” watching my sons play baseball, hearing my four year-old laugh, listening to pretend car noises from a toddler, a twelve-year-old daughter who still calls me “Daddy,” coworkers who make my life better and the ability to still do 60 pushups in under a minute.

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Everyday Happiness

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