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Have Some Fun and Be Yourself

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I just paid $5,000 to meet Jeffrey Gitomer. I subscribe to Sales Caffeine, Jeffrey’s newsletter, and last week I noticed that he was having a meeting this week in Charlotte, North Carolina. To be honest, I didn’t really know what the purpose of the meeting was until I got there. I just figured it would be worth $5,000 to spend some time with one of the best salespeople in the world. And you know what, it was worth every penny.

I am now a Certified Gitomer Advisor. I can sell Jeffrey’s books, webinars and seminars to help others improve their attitude, sales skills and personal development. I am sure that I will be able to benefit others with his great books and systems, but what really made the trip worthy of my investment is what I learned while I was there. I will be better and being able to share his systems with others is a huge bonus.

Jeffrey is a master salesman, but what sets him apart is his passion to impart his knowledge to others. Jeffrey makes it clear that he is in business to make money (which becomes very obvious he makes a lot) but what is so endearing about him is his passion to help others achieve what he has and more.

Jeffrey protects his intellectual property with vigor, so with his permission, I will impart some of the wisdom he shared with us that is not under his copyright and that he shared so freely with us. I hope you enjoy some of Jeffrey’s pearls from this weekend, I know I did:

* Have some fun and be yourself.
* Want to get better, video your presentation. I can’t coach you better than what you can do yourself after watching the video. You will be awful, get over it, take some notes and get better.
* I am always going to affect half of the audience. I just don’t know which half will be affected. That’s why I speak to everyone.
* You don’t need to affect everyone; just 3 out of 10 people and you will be Hall of Fame worthy.
* Don’t make things more difficult than they are.
* If you are going to have a website, keep it current or you look like a fool. Get a blog, it forces you to keep it current.
* Are you going to teach your people to compromise on price? Why would you ask me to compromise my price?
* Jeffrey, what characteristics do you look for in a successful advisor? “Happy, smart and previously successful people. You don’t need to be self-starting, because when you invest money, you get moving. You start Monday.”
* Repetition is the mother of mastery. It is not just for the customer, but you do it for yourself.
* Philosophy drives attitude. If you don’t like your lifestyle, look at results. If you don’t like your results, look at your attitude. If you don’t like your attitude, look at your philosophy.
* Jeffrey’s Definition of Success – Wake up everyday alive and happy.
* To help you be successful, I must be able to give to you what I have done to help you. You must allow me to mentor you and you must compensate me for my time.
* Competitors? I don’t have competitors, I compete with myself.
* Want to succeed? Just go and like people. If they say “No” to what you are selling, they may have someone they know who is a billionaire. Be nice and they may not want to work with you, but they may give you a referral to someone who will.
* Avoid appearing phony by not being phony.
* The same amount of time it takes to call and complain, you could have made a sales call.
* If you are serious about something, do what is necessary to do it.
* Value exchange occurs when you create friends.
* When you stop having an agenda, great things can happen.
* Make sure you don’t just think about it, you do it. You plan it and then you implement it.

I have always believed that I am better when I hang out with people who are smart, experienced, wise, rich in money, rich in generosity and who want me to succeed and improve. Jeffrey is one of those rare people. Jeffrey’s site says, “This program is as much about your legacy as it is about mine. I invite and challenge you to become one of my first Gitomer Certified Advisors.” I know my legacy was shaped and improved this weekend. Thank you Jeffrey.

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Have Some Fun and Be Yourself

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