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The Law of Success…and Fred Cooper

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Success is not the absence of problems, success is determined by how well you respond to those problems.

Successful people fix problems, they don’t cause them. Spend time with a successful person and you will see their life is full of challenges, obstacles, tests and yes, problems.

Case in point, on a recent business trip with Fred Cooper, CEO of ARIIX, my carry on baggage had a metal sign stand inside which was promptly confiscated by an over zealous TSA agent. The signage and Its stand were  important for our presentation and with the delay by TSA, we were never going to be able to check the bag in and still make the flight.

I spent 10 minutes trying to convince Susan to let me through before she escalated me to her supervisor. Mr Supervisor also promptly told me no while showing me how a ten inch stand could be fashioned into a weapon of mass destruction, all the while our flight time ticked faster toward us. Fred watched me futilely try to convince the TSA to change their mind before he stepped in, took the bag from me and walked back outside toward the baggage check area.

I must say I was worried he would never catch the flight let alone get the bag on. I went to our gate and nervously waited for Fred to come. Just as the door to the walk way closed, here comes Fred casually walking toward me with a big grin on his face and with the bag on his shoulder. He simply went back through the line and they let him and the bag right through.

Napoleon Hill taught, “People buy personalities as much as merchandise.” People are far more influenced by you than what you are selling.

“You cannot enjoy outstanding success in life In life without power, and you can never enjoy power without sufficient personality to influence other people to cooperate with you in a spirit of harmony.”

If you truly want success, learn how to solve problems and to work with people in a way that is in harmony with a spirit of cooperation. And, when you travel, take Fred Cooper with you.

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The Law of Success…and Fred Cooper

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