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A Clean Even Mom Would Be Proud Of

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A Clean Even Mom Would Be Proud Of

I think Murphy forgot the law that states, The more books you have, the more dust you accrue.  This could have something to do with 4 elementary aged children, a dog, a fireplace, and a man of the house that does landscaping but I can’t be really sure.  I was recently given the very awesome opportunity of using a SEBO vacuum at home.  We like to test out products from time to time and review them so I was absolutely ecstatic when offered to pit a SEBO AUTOMATIC X4 vacuum up against dust and dirt of epic proportions.

I had to give the AUTOMATIC X4 a real test.  I didn’t sprinkle coffee grounds on my carpet or give my German Shorthair treats to roll over on the couch.  I used my standard bought-at-a-local-store sucking machine on my recently shampooed carpet to suck up all the dirt, hair, and dust that had accumulated since the shampooing we did a few days before.

I pulled my new vacuum out of it’s box and assembled it with out any instructions whatsoever; it really was very easy.  I gave it a good look all around to inspect the craftsmanship and, after satisfied of it’s visual strength, I set it to work.  I didn’t do a thorough vacuum, I didn’t move the coffee table with it’s 20 dust magnet Children’s Book of Knowledge editions, and I didn’t move the couch.  My living room is pretty small, maybe 250 square feet.

After vacuuming with my fancy looking Dirt Devil to “clean” up first, I plugged in the Automatic X and sampled it over the open areas of my living room.  Once that brief task was accomplished, I wheeled it over to the hard wood and waited while it lowered the head automatically.  After the stretch of hardwood that runs parallel to the carpet had been vacuumed, I stopped and removed the filter bag to see if it had really worked.  I did all of this in about 5 minutes.  To my shocked, jaw-dropping amazement, a massive amount of stuff was in the bottom of the previously empty filter bag.  The captive lump of crud was about half the size of a normal potato. Here are some great odor eliminator carpet cleaners.

I quickly surveyed my surroundings and realized that this is the first time a vacuum has ever left the lines in my carpet after being cleaned (and they’re still barely there after a week).  One other award-worthy aspect of the SEBO vacuum is that, when I opened the compartment to inspect my filter bag, no dust flew out.  The air smelled clean, no shards of sand or dust shot out of the back when I used it, no thin black line of dirt attempted to remain when I picked it up, and best of all, it didn’t smell like I had just put a dirt clod in a toaster like most vacuums do.

I was so amazed with the power and ease of use of this vacuum that I immediately set my 4 kids to cleaning their rooms so that I could vacuum some more; much to their chagrine.  I would highly recommend the SEBO AUTOMATIC X4 or any other SEBO vacuum.  I’ll never buy another disposable vacuum that doesn’t do half the job a SEBO does even if you vacuumed the same spot for an hour.

Here’s some data to help you understand why your money doesn’t have to be disposable, just like your big-chain vacuum:

Five-year Warranty Coverage
Save Money! SEBO’s Last for Years and Extend Carpet Life!
Remarkably Quiet Operation
Changing Bags is Easy and Clean
Excellent for Users With Allergies or Asthma (It REALLY helps for allergies!)
A Low 5 ½-inch Profile to Get Those Tight Spaces
Lifetime Belt Warranty
Brush Obstruction Light with Automatic Shut Off

If you still need more reasons to buy your first SEBO vacuum, try these little tidbits from their web site: they’re a VERY green company!

“Plastic is recycled into new components, and the SEBO factory is completely self-sustaining with respect to electricity. Its
combined heat and power system produces the electricity required to run the factory’s machinery. The warm air and water created by the system’s generators are then used to heat the factory and warehouse.

“Water resources are also conserved at the SEBO factory. Rainwater is collected from the roof, then filtered and stored, to be used in production and within the factory washrooms, saving the unnecessary use of treated drinking water.”

I give the SEBO brand and the Automatic X 10 Hepa filter bags out of 5!  You can purchase a SEBO vacuum from their website or from online retailers including  Another cool thing about SEBO is that anyone can sell them.  They offer an excellent opportunity to make money selling what you would have referred anyway.  The compensation plan is easy and straightforward so, if you’re interested, you should check it out.

May 18. 2011 by Staff Writer Lacy Sereduk.  All rights reserved 2011

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