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EZWebPlayer Launches Unlimited Online Video Hosting & New Online Video Player

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New Online Video Platform solution offers unlimited transcoding, bandwidth and storage usage backed by Amazon CloudFront.

CHICAGO, Nov. 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — EZWebPlayer today announces the release of the new unlimited video hosting solution which brings unlimited storage, video transcoding, and bandwidth to video content owners. This service provides tremendous value to small and medium sized businesses that have only had access to free or high cost options in the past. The 2 year old company harnesses the immense scale and robust infrastructure provided by Amazon CloudFront to deliver premium services at a low monthly cost.

For $14.99 per month, EZWebPlayer offers unlimited Amazon CloudFront storage, transcoding, and bandwidth usage for small and mid-size organizations. In the past, choices have been low quality free solutions like YouTube which are branded and display advertising on video content. On the other hand, leading competitors provide similar services for $50 per month or more which is not affordable to the typical small business.

The new EZWebPlayer functionality includes video channels, social sharing, e.g., publishing to Facebook and push publishing to YouTube. Customer-centric features include new player skins, and enhanced mobile support for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

According to Clint Pollock, “This is the unlimited video player businesses have been looking for. No limits on video storage, transcoding, or video delivery and no surprise streaming bills at the end of the month. Plus we give our customers top-notch technical support.” It makes life easier for customers who’ve had difficulty customizing existing players to their needs. Moreover, EZWebPlayer offers this service at a fraction of the cost compared to today’s leading providers and is an answer to small and mid-size content owners’ key pain points.

As more customers look for ways to manage, store and deliver video while driving new revenue sources, EZWebPlayer provides greater flexibility with customizable players, video content channels, WordPress integration, social sharing, the ability to deliver content to the most popular consumer devices and gain insight with measureable, real-time analytics.

About EZWebPlayer: is an Online Video Platform offering unlimited transcoding, unlimited storage, and unlimited bandwidth backed by Amazon CloudFront. Headquartered in Chicago, EZWebPlayer provides a robust, yet affordable and easy-to-use website video player for video content owners.

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