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For Days LU Sheet Mask Trial

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It’s been a little while since I’ve done a product review; I’ve been really busy.  If you watch our videos on, you probably know why.  A while ago, I received a product sample from a For Days USA distributor and I have finally had the time to do the review.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the company, For Days is a 320 billion Yen company that specializes in nutritional supplements, skin care, and cosmetics to be sold in a person to person marketing style. Since their conception in 1997, For Days has grown, becoming one of the top 50 ranking MLM companies in the world, according to the DSA.

For Days isn’t very well known in the United States.. yet. They have finally come to the United States and officially launched their US division in September of this year (2011). Their products range from nutritional supplements, skin care, and cosmetics.

The products I received to try out were the LU Sheet Mask and the LU Serum.


The sheet mask was an interesting experience for me. I’ve never ever used a facial mask so it I felt like a kid, the first time he gets shoes with laces. Luckily, the sheet mask actually does fit on your face as it’s designed. I had a little difficulty getting it to sit properly and getting the eye holes to fit (I spent a little time looking out the nose flap to figure it out).

A lot of the products companies are selling tell you not to put it around your eyes but that’s just the area the For Days LU Sheet Mask focuses on. With natural ingredients like Siberian ginseng root, Common Wild Oat, Rosemary, Damask Rose, and French Lavendar extract, the mask smelled refreshing. It didn’t bother me at all and wasn’t too over powering.

The other ingredients in the mask, Nucleic acid, Peptide, Collagen, and Elastin among others, are intended to lift and moisturize your skin, making it smooth and soft. The sheet is intended to be left on for 10 to 15 minutes and comes 8 in a box.

The instructions explain, “The ingredients of the essence soaks into your inner skin beneath the horny layer. you may feel like you got new skin and be satisfied with the lift-up on your face.” I think that means it moisturizes while the Elastin and Collagen goes to work. The aromatic extracts go below the drier layer of skin giving the feeling of freshness and a pleasant experience.

Now for the pictures. While I got to look like a burn victim for 10 to 15 minutes, I also felt a slight tingly after the first two minutes the mask was on my face. It wasn’t alarming or unpleasant but I would advise anyone with sensitive skin to rub a small amount of the cream on your face before trying the mask as you may experience a heightened sense.

After removing the mask, I let my face dry and definitely feel the lifting effect. My eyes feel like they’re curved up a little at the edges and my face feels extremely soft and a little sticky, but thankfully not greasy at all. My skin is very shiny and actually looks healthier.

I would recommend this product to anyone, 20 years old and up. It’s best used in the evening, one to two times a week, on a clean, dry face. For Days is a great company with a great product and I know a lot of people are going to be excited to get involved with their amazing opportunity.

Special thanks to Eddie Takahashi for sending me the product! I’m sorry, Eddie, for taking so long, after trying it out, I wish I had used it the day I received it.

If you’d like information on For Days, it’s products, or becoming a distributor, visit or You can also submit a question via our Contact form or contact Mr. Takahashi to learn more in the United States: 626-818-4329

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  • Cathy Morton

    That’s supre cool! I’d love to read a follow up on your article.. You should tell us if you had any after effects, how your skin felt later, that kinda stuff. I’ve heard of fordays before but no one has more info on them than NS.

  • kakusanUSA

    Hi, Cathy
    I am Eddie Takahashi who have been contacting for Lacy at Networking star.
    As a matter of fact For Days USA has just launched on Dec. 17th. only for California residents. In Jan. the door will be opening up for entire country.
    I can provide my ID number if you want to join. Currently only 2 digits of people complete signing up so that everybody has a huge opportunity for the coming new year. Please contact me and save your spot.
    I can provide more info. if you wish.

    Eddie Takahashi

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