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Interview with XGoPro Co-Founder, Doug Wead

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The following Q&A was completed by XGoPro Co-Founder, Doug Wead and Boyle Network Co-Founder Jeff Boyle. XGoPro is a “Training Systems” company separate from XanGo, which provides business training tools and services solely for the XanGo distributor.

1. What will determine the future success of XanGo?
The capacity of strong leadership to create a system that will engender a culture that will make people not only proud of belonging to it, but that will enhance their will and desire to draw more people into it.
2. What is XanGo’s biggest weakness?
The flightiness of certain leaders reinforced by the lack of understanding by corporate of the need of a solid unified system.
3. What needs to be done to correct XanGo’s biggest weakness?
In spite of the appearance of doing so for the sake of “lost souls”, corporate cannot allow itself to openly seem to endorse organizations that are all to often perceived by the rest of the field as lacking integrity and ethics.
4. What is XanGo’s greatest strength?
The original vision of the Founders who have known how to create an uncanny brand that allow the company to grow on a single product with magic heretofore unseen to network marketing. In addition to this offering the best compensation plan in the industry, having made the dream true again by eradicating all breakage in paying out a full 50%.
5. What must XanGo do to maintain this greatest strength?
As XanGo enters it’s second wave of expansion in North America as well as worldwide, XanGo needs to understand that it’s future lies in the tacit empowerment of visionary leadership in the field.

6. Why is XanGo not seen by many “big fish” within Network Marketing as a top destination?
It is!! More and more, numerous top leaders from other companies, realizing that their companies are either leaning towards other retailing formats or are running out of funds. That they have used to entice their presence among their field, are deciding to look at a company that has understood and espoused the power of systems. they are attracted to the existence of systems that are supported philosophically by the founders of the company. The “big fist” (at least the good ones) understand that their future does not lie in episodic and momentous apparent success but in long term recognition of having engendered true residual income.
7. What must XanGo do to be seen again as an innovator within Network Marketing?
Marrying XanGo’s initial strength with XanGo’s vision for the future. In other words, understanding the wants and needs of the market at large for certain niche products while using the retention enhancing expertise of culture creating systems.
8. XanGo had unprecedented growth within network marketing in it’s first years in business. Since then, very few distributors have reached 500K, why is this?
XanGo has shown an unprecedented growth wave. But more importantly, XanGo understands that a large network marketing corporation that is built to last needs to empower many others to be and become the dream builders that XanGo initially was. After all, we are in a business of duplication.
9. XanGo claims high quality products, but it’s prices are more expensive than what can be found in retail health stores. What justifies higher costs to a person marketing these products to others?
You can’t argue with success. And by this, I don’t only mean the financial success and accomplishments of XanGo from a business point of view. The number of stories and testimonials claiming quasi miraculous results from XanGo products by far supersedes and annihilates any concern for cost. The true value of a product does not lie in it’s benign comparison to either top shelf of bottom shelf products. It’s true value is drawn from it’s direct impact on people’s lives. As each distributor seeking to market a product conveys this fact and spreads the word in a justifiably enthusiastic manner, XanGo products acquire their letters of nobility, thus eradicating any price concerns.

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