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KMSI Announces KMx Version 7.2 – A Highly Scalable Learning Platform to Support Customers, Dealers, Agents and Employees

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BALTIMORE, June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — KMSI, a leading provider of innovative learning, performance and talent management solutions, today announced the release of KMx Version 7.2.  The KMx platform provides an extremely scalable solution for organizations that need to provide education, training and certification programs for customers, dealers, agents, employees or other large-scale audiences.

The KMx platform provides fully integrated eLearning content development, learning content management, learning management, performance management, talent management, and virtual classroom technology in one easy to use solution.  The KMx user interface is available with language packs to provide for localization and multilingual distribution.

“KMx offers unmatched scalability to support clients with tens of millions of end-users at an affordable price.  Our KMxLive virtual classroom technology is designed to allow clients to deliver training events in a single class session with up to 10,000 simultaneous students,” said Jack E. Lee, CEO of KMSI.

Over the past nine years, KMSI has become one of the largest learning technology providers in the world and the KMx platform is now providing service to millions of end-users.  With KMx, KMSI’s client can provide training to an unlimited number of end-users at one low price with no per-user fees.  Some recent KMx success stories include:

  • The members of a professional  organization completed over 118,000 eLearning courses in a single month earlier this year
  • A major insurance provider delivered over 530,000 agent certification exams during a three month period in 2010
  • A major vehicle manufacturer delivered over 270,000 dealership qualification eLearning modules in the first 3 months of 2011
  • The members of a medical association completed and claimed credit for over 540,000 continuing medical education certificate courses in the first 4 months of 2011

“Universities and colleges leverage the capabilities of KMx to provide lectures, recorded seminars, eLearning programs and exams.  Our unlimited user pricing model enables the client institution to significantly expand their student population with no increase in expense,” said Craig Zeiml, Senior Sales Executive, KMSI.

The KMx Version 7.2 update provides numerous exciting new features including:

  • Runtime Sort and Filter Controls have been added to KMx Dynamic Reports.  This new feature provides clients with the ability to not only construct dynamic queries of the KMx data system, but also allows them to change the output views of a finished report.
  • The KMx Dynamic Data Entry Forms have been updated to take advantage of new browser technologies to provide a more intuitive end-user experience.
  • KMx Mobile has been updated to support the expanded HTML5 capabilities of newer Microsoft, Blackberry, Apple and Android devices.
  • The KMxLive Virtual Classroom has been updated to provide more robust media push capabilities, including the ability to push SCORM conformant eLearning lessons to classroom participants during a virtual classroom session with full learning management tracking controls.

Our latest release of KMx clearly demonstrates our commitment to providing the industry’s most scalable, and feature-rich learning, performance and talent management technologies,” said Mike Binnix, CTO of KMSI.

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