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My Job Isn’t Just A Job

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My job is an adventure, a party, a research excavation, a fishing trip, a plane ride and more.  When I’m not out of the office enjoying the scagliola in our state capitol or living the life fantastic being turned upside down in airplanes, I still manage to do some pretty sweet stuff.

One of the reasons that I like my job is that I have flexibility to pursue different avenues.  Nothing can kill a desire to go to work like fluorescent lights and elevator music all day long.  Two of the things I like to do most are interviews and product reviews.  I recently wrote an article about a company called BoojeeBeads and they were awesome enough to send me some samples.

BooJeeBeads makes event name tag holders that double as eyeglass holders, lanyards, and more.  They sent me a couple samples to take to conferences and events to help promote their brand.  Well, what we didn’t know at the time was that, a week after I received the “conference credentials” holders, I scheduled an eye appointment and found out I was getting reading glasses.  Needless to say, I took my conference credential beads and turned it into an eyeglass necklace instead.

Not only am I complimented ALL the time on how nice they look but I actually love having them.  I have a really bad memory and my BooJeeBeads make it easier to keep track of my glasses.  I’m one of those kinds of people that finds their wallet in the veggie drawer of the ‘fridge, true story.  I’m also one of those people that can fracture a bone just by thinking about it and I am VERY proud to say that BooJeeBeads are high enough quality to withstand my ridiculous clumsiness.  None of my beads have cracked, my wires haven’t loosened, and everything is still in good working order.

So, whether you attend events a lot or want to increase your cache of eyeglass chains, check them out on the web.  They have some awesome badge reels and gift ideas, too.  I give BooJeeBeads 10 out of 10 hours saved from not having to look for my lost glasses.


May 17. 2011 by Staff Writer Lacy Sereduk.   All rights reserved 2011

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