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Star Interviews – Dini Moorhouse First Scentsy Consultant

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Jeffery Boyle Interviews Dini Moorhouse, Scentsy’s first consultant.
Dini is a Super Star Director within Scentsy and is integral to Scentsy’s phenomenal success. Dini is a mother of six children and a grandmother of two. With a group of over 70,000 consultants, Dini has had a very lucrative career in Scentsy, even though she had very little experience as an entrepreneur or direct sales professional before Scentsy.
Dini’s passions include her children, twin grand daughters, teaching art to children, and has served on her local school board for three terms. We appreciated our time with Dini and hope that other entrepreneurs can learn from her and find her story inspirational.

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  • Texas Girl

    Love Scentsy! Love, love, love this lady! I am so very proud to have known Dini for many, many years. I have seen first hand all of the hard work that she put into getting this “concept” of Scentsy up & moving on it’s way to becoming the HUGE success that it is today. Thank you Networkingstar for recognizing her hard work & sharing her story. Scentsy products are smart and simple and THAT is why I love them!

  • peasesteph

    I am so PROUD to be “Dini Moorhouse’s” sister! She has worked so hard not just with physical labor but also with ideas to help Scentsy grow. From the days working at the sheep farm (those days were fun!)- to where she is today. Her idea for the Basket Party is a vital part of this party plan company…..In my opinion. :)Scentsy is simply amazing and I am certain that it would not be the Scentsational company that it is today without her. 🙂 Every story has a beginning and now her chapter has had some light shed on it. Congrats to you Dini and congrats to Scentsy for making amazing products that are fabulous for the family and all those that have the opportunity to enjoy it.

  • suefernandez

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Dini…she’s down to earth and genuine…which I think is the secret to the success of Scentsy as a whole.

  • Wickless

    I absolutely LOVE Scentsy AND Dini!!! She is successful because she ‘exudes’ the core values of the company… Simplicity, Authenticity and Generosity!

  • lpattan

    Great interview Dini! Thank you for all your hard work!

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