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Thrill of Team Work

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I left the office last night at midnight. When I left, my business partner Sam Swenson and team member Stephen Mendall were still there.  To my surprise, when I got to the office this morning at 7:30, they were still here.  Stephen has slept 3 hours in the last 3 days. He was a wreck. However, what they did was remarkable.

Last month we filmed our pilot for Networking Star TV. We put a lot of time into the show and I was quite nervous about how it would end up looking. We aligned a young California entrepreneur, Mike Budny, with some great mentors in Idaho. Ron Sali, John Gotts, Scott Bedke and Heather Eastmen did a fantastic job passing on some of their wisdom to a hungry student. It was so much fun to watch great mentors taking their time to help someone out.

Take a look at the show (click here), it was fun, but we all learned a lot from these incredible people. I certainly saw that when people get together with the idea of improvement, great things happen. Thanks to everyone for the help to get this where it needed to be.

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Thrill of Team Work

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