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XANGO Reveals New Global Brand Logo, Launches Next-Era Wellness Products at Global Convention

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Wellness category-creator takes lead in sustainable products – green chemistry, recyclable packaging

LEHI, UT – Global direct sales company, XANGO, LLC, a category creator in health and wellness, leaped forward into its 10th year of business by revealing an updated brand identity and several innovative natural products at its global GO! Convention in Salt Lake City. The new logo reflects XANGO’S growth as a global community of people and cultures with nearly 2 million distributors in over 30 international markets.

XANGO’s innovative new nutrition products feature a first-of-its-kind multi-vitamin for children and a line of supplements targeting individual health concerns like heart and bone health. The company’s new line of personal care products utilize the power of the mangosteen fruit in topical age-defying serums and aromatherapy hair and body products that deliver a luxurious spa experience at home. The new product lines leverage green chemistry and natural ingredients to create safe, effective, sustainable products for total body wellness and beauty.

“Today’s launches signify a period of renewal and leadership for XANGO,” said XANGO Founder, Chairman and CEO Aaron Garrity. “Our commitment to innovation and category creation began when we brought mangosteen to consumers worldwide with XANGO® Juice. Nine years later, we continue to set ourselves apart with our focus on creating products that help achieve complete wellness by pairing the mangosteen with the world’s most celebrated botanicals. These new offerings complement our existing roster of premium, functional products to give consumers what they desire: quality, natural products that are effective, safe and sustainable for our bodies, the environment and the business growth of our distributors.”

XANGO’s Glimpse Luminescence Collection™ and Juni by XANGO® personal care lines target specific skin, hair and body needs from anti-aging to dry skin and scalp. XANGO 3SIXTY5™ Kids invites parents to safely match vitamin dosage with a child’s unique nutritional needs, while Precis™ targeted nutrition supplements for adults address individual health challenges including bone, heart and prostate health.

Glimpse Luminescence Collection™
Designed to help restore skin’s healthy, radiant appearance, the Glimpse Luminescence Collection leverages the powerful antioxidants and natural soothing properties of the mangosteen to provide 100-percent natural, highly effective age-defying products. These exclusive, dynamic mangosteen actives work in harmony with Glimpse® Skin Care products to deliver healthy, resilient skin.
· Glimpse Luminescence Repair, made from the mangosteen’s pericarp oil, strengthens and stimulates skin’s natural collagen production while calming signs of inflammation, resulting in firmer, healthier, more radiant-looking skin.
· Glimpse Luminescence Brighten uses the mangosteen’s rich antioxidants to brighten, even skin tone, prevent the reappearance of blemishes and protect skin against damaging oxidation.
The products in the Collection are vegan, gluten-free, not tested on animals, preservative-free and dermatologist-tested.

Juni by XANGO®
XANGO’s new and improved Juni brand of hair and body products brings the luxurious serenity of a restoring spa experience into the home every day. 100% pure essential oils, mangosteen and plant nutrition combine to awaken your senses and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit while nourishing the hair and body. True to the toxin-free chemistry of the original Juni brand, these new hair and body products are sulfate-free and contain no harsh chemicals or synthetic dyes. Juni by XANGO® provides healthy and safe all-over radiance in a variety of products.
· The shampoo and conditioner are available in two forms: Clarifying for normal to oily, fine hair and Nourishing for normal to dry, damaged hair.
· Juni Hand & Body Wash cleanses without stripping away natural oils.
· Juni Hand & Body Lotion leverages moisture-rich botanicals to soothe and replenish dry, stressed skin.
· The Vegan Hand & Body Bar uses botanical ingredients to cleanse and gently exfoliate, leaving skin soft and smooth.
· Juni Hair & Scalp Treatment Oil pairs nourishing mangosteen with several other natural ingredients to help cleanse and increase hair density while stimulating the scalp.

The XANGO 3SIXTY5™ family of products welcomes a new member with the introduction of a children’s multi-vitamin. XANGO 3SIXTY5™ Kids is the first product to combine a full vitamin and mineral complex with the brain support of DHA and immunity-boosting action of Primactive™ into a single, safe and naturally flavored children’s supplement. Free of allergens, gluten, dairy, gelatin, GMOs, artificial flavors and sweeteners, 3SIXTY5 Kids promotes brain support, bone building and eye health along with an immune system boost – without all the additives kids don’t need. Each package of 3SIXTY5 Kids includes two best-friend formulas—Cherry-Mangosteen Builders and Pineapple-Durian Guardians—allowing parents to safely customize vitamin doses.

Precis™ – Targeted Nutrition
Complementing the core nutrition of XANGO 3SIXTY5™ with Active Defense Complex™, the Precis product lineup is a series of specialized supplements designed to address individual health concerns. Each product—Precis™ Men’s Health, Precis™ Bone Health and Precis™ Omega 3—is carefully formulated with clinical doses of key active ingredients, providing a unique approach to whole-body wellness.
· Precis™ Men’s Health supports prostate function and healthy urinary flow.
· Precis™ Bone Health promotes bone strength and provides adequate calcium to aid bone density.
· Precis™ Omega 3 delivers a well-defined solution with the right amount EPA and DHA, promoting cardiovascular and cognitive health.

A leading global nutrition company, XANGO, LLC is a recognized leader in health and wellness products. Currently expanding into a wider range of botanicals, XANGO was the first company to market a premium mangosteen beverage, XANGO®Juice, to consumers worldwide. Its roster of premium, functional products now includes XANGO® Reserve, the XANGO 3SIXTY5™ multi-vitamin with a powerful Active Defense Complex featuring Primactive™, Glimpse® Topical Skin Nutrition, Eleviv® for natural, youthful vigor and Juni by XANGO® Family Care with natural, toxin-free personal care products for the entire family. XANGO is privately-owned and powered by a global network of more than 1 million independent distributors in the U.S. and more than 30 international markets such as Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany and Malaysia. For details, visit

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